Wednesday, 28 December 2011


It had been quite a few months
For me to go blogging.
Sharing my memories,
Feelings and experiences.
I feel great,wonderful.
Blog lets me relieve.
Indeed,I believe that I had written
Many grammar mistakes in blog.
But,at least
I could speak those words silently.
Maybe I love to pour out my feelings
In the method of writing/typing.
A title mean a story.
Create my own moment.
Blog gives me many benefits
Such as my typing improve gradually.
I sincerely thanks all the readers/followers
In my blog.
Thanks to visit it
And give comment on it.
I appreciate!
Thank you!:D

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Stop writing,
stop drawing,
stop eating,
stop laughing,
stop torturing,
stop walking,
stop typing,
stop thinking,
stop doing,
Just in a minute.
We can stop anything
Except stop breathing right,
I just can't stop wishing everybody

Friday, 16 December 2011

Arriving Christmas

Jingle bells hanging
On the Christmas tree.
Socks hanging 
At the window.
Waiting a mystery person
In a silent night.
Santa Claus is coming to
Snow everywhere.
Cute snowman built by 
Naive children.
Trees took off their orange clothes
Changed their clothes into white swiftly.
Roasted turkey on the table.
Arriving Christmas...

Happy Paradise

Playing bowling,
Games in X-zone.
It seems common things
That everybody could do it everywhere.
I went out with my friends,
The best friends I ever have,
In my adopted land,
In a specific time,
Freedom surrounded me.
We enjoyed ourselves at that moment.

I left that land a long time ago,
Turned back,
It seems five years passed.
Those years,
I live in an unfamiliar place,
Adapted the strange environment.
But,I told myself
I will not stayed here in future!

I went back to the land a week ago
Somethings changed.
But,lucky that my fellow friends
Still there.
We went fishing prawns,
Boys VS girls.
Yet, they won.
Later,we went to a nearby playground.
Caught each others in the evening.
We are just as naive as children.
Maybe that were the last time to be
Everyone are going to be mature.

Those memorable memories
I kept them in my heart.
No value and cost.
Chance to meet them,
I wish hard!
I handed over to my fate
And beloved God.
Maybe just pray!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Happy Aniversary


Played badminton.
Met my old friends.
Went to Jurong Point,
Ate Long John Silver,
Entered X-Box,
Played drum,
Any how danced,
Made a cake,
But,just like shit.
All our memories

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Back to December

Last year in December,
I went shopping,sharing jokes
With my fellow friends,
The laughs,sounds and a cake designed by us.
That so memorable!True memory!

I back to December again.
All feelings in the whole year had been collected.
This year,my life is totally changed.
Remember I took the first step,
Entered an unfamiliar school.
I had entered different schools before,
Met different friends and teachers,
Saw many kinds of cases in school.
But,this time,
It changed totally without any similarity,
Because it my secondary life.
A new life just like a flower blooms.
All I can do is let myself adapt.

Some new friends are selfish,share nothing,
Become arrogant in their studies.
There was an incident happened.
A student shouted:"I haven't revise my homework.
I can't do those question in exam.So difficult!"
Yet,the result out,
The student got flying color in all subject.
Funny right?
The situation told me that student is acting modest.

There are many Malay teachers in school.
Some are strict,some are kind,
But,some never enter the class.
I am not saying my school bad.
Actually,I am proud to be a student,
A part of family member in my school.
After communicating,
I felt that they are actually helpful.
I made a wish:I will learn well in Malay.

The awesome thing is...
Tuitions,I can't avoid.
Those teachers,
Of course,they are well in the subject they in-charged of.
I had learned that a teacher is not only expert in teaching,
They must good in telling their students how to be a successful person
And talk about philosophy and ethics.
I hated to hear them,
But,time passed,
They seemed to be music to my ears.
They let me knew a lot of things.
From childish to mature.
My tuition teachers are great in talking them.
I am fortunate,lucky.
If I didn't know those ethics,
How I am?I can't imagine.

My age will change.
Next year will add one,
Just like Mathematics.
My brain need to save many subjects.
The older I am,the larger the "marble" in my brain.
I must remember that
Wisdom come before knowledge.

A great season,
A lively festival,
A better feeling,
A mystery future,
A good constellation,
A cold winter,
A cute snowman,
A cool month,
Just in time to said:
"Back to December!"
Just three words,
Make me regret,happy and uncountable feeling!
I was back to December!

Friday, 2 December 2011


Leaves drop in Autumn,
Glass breakes when hit,
Give up out of nothing,
Trees fall in storm,
Sun hides when it rains,
All because of sadness.

Will defeat


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Deep sense of gratitude

  In my life,self abasement came through myself.I know self-confident is important,but sometimes I couldn't be as confident as...Anyway,I was only an ordinary,normal girl.

  Time passed away swiftly.Now,I found that I'm fortunate.Honor that I'm an able person,I'm a child who has a complete family,a sister who has a lovely younger sister.Sometimes,I really admire and respect those people who are disable.The ways that they handle their lives.Although they are not the best,but they prove that they are always able.I'm proud of them.I asked myself:"How can I be an abnegator in the world?"
  Yes,although I'm normal,but I'm able.Able to see,hear,taste,touch and so on.I know that I was born to be myself.Create my own mystery future.That should be a story or a moment that was created by myself.Normal also can be unique.A normal person also has a special feeling.None of a person can  replace myself except me!
  Indeed,my parents are noble.Without them,who am I?They give me an uncountable love and care.I never think about they could be rich.I only want a happy family.I sure that every parents had scolded their precious child before.But, most of the children hated their parents right?Actually,those children didn't hate them before,they just didn't know how to express their love to their parents.Sometime,I really felt pity because children merely stay with their parents about twenty years.After that,they need to build their own family.

  Overall,cherish all those things in life. Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. I'm proud that I could be myself.Thankful and grateful,I can't express.Deep sense of gratitude just in my own heart!

Friday, 11 November 2011


What is spirituality?
Someone say it is simply matters of the spirit,
But the complication comes
In when you try to define spirit.
Hard word to define.
Something deep inside you feels moved to write.
This is probably spiritual nature.

God is truly man's best friend on this earth.
Patient and true love give by God.
God is also the noble mystery.
Believe in God,
Grateful to God,
Thankful to God
Who fill our life.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


They are very cool,
Because they are colorful.
Many types of colors,
Different kinds of living or non-living things
In them.
Some people show their 
And even sadness.
Some love taking them,
Some do not.
They are only a piece of paper 
Which consist many memories and values.

They let us returned to our past,
But,they can't show our future.
Just snap and say ''Cheese''!
If you are mad,
You can also laugh loudly,
 Just like this:''Ha...ha...''

Monday, 7 November 2011


Black and white keys,
Hands touch it,
And just like a butterfly 
Dancing on the stage.
Sounds seem moderately.
Some are forte,piano,tosto,dolore...
All performance directions
Became many songs.
And those are fantastic!!!

E-mail Vs Letter

E-mail can send message

Letter is worse than e-mail,
Not speed at all.

E-mail is cool,
Correct our wrong spelling.

Letter can let a person
Use a dictionary him/herself.

If you receive an e-mail and a letter,
Which let you feel excited.

Maybe e-mail,
Maybe letter right?

Whatever,for me,
I will vote letter.

Letter was written and drawn by the sender,
And you can feel the sincerely from sender.

How about you?
Leave a comment to vote them.
E-mail VS letter,who will win?
Of course,decided by everyone.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Ball is colourful
And round.

Disc with rainbow colour
Is also round.

Clock with second hand and minute hand
Is also round.

Oh my,lots of things in our daily life
Are round in shape.

Maybe that are invented by our noble God.

Our earth is also Round.
Many children are protected by earth.
Because she is our mother earth.
No matter earth is invented by God or someone.
Just remember,
She is unite and special,
She belongs to every living things.
And loving to her.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Lets a person has the courage to stand
On the stage.

Lets us overcome our
Difficulties and so on.

Makes our life
More meaningful and wonderful.

Makes us excellent and success
In future.

Somebody didn't have confident
Not because they are not well,
Actually,they are fantastic!

Just try your best
To believe yourself.
Then,you will be the best in your heart.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Why English is important?

  English is really important in our daily life.I know someone use Chinese or Malay to communicate in Malaysia.Actually,learning English will give us lot of benefits.

  Why does English become important in our life?There are many reasons.The most significant is for the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.Scientist also use the language of  English to investigate scientific investigation.

  Furthermore,English is the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE.We use English to communicate with Malay,Korean,Japanese and even American.Indeed,most American use English because English is their mother tongue.

  So, friends,please don't give up English!Just let English to be a part of our body.If you say you can do it,you will surely do it;if you say you can't,you will not Forever.

  A teacher told me that life is just like a stage.If you have confident to stand on the stage to present your speech or whatever in English,one day you will success and improve your pronunciation of English!All the best...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Is hardworking.
It keeps on running without taking a break.

Is friendly.
It lets us have the opportunity to introduce us to friends.

Is accurately.
It makes us  punctual .

Is kind.
It lets us relax when we are extremely tired.

Is wonderful.
It helps us have a marvelous existence.

Let us cherish
Our precious time.

Only the ones who treasure the time,
They will possess their extraordinary joyous!!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Someone hate realistic,
Someone love it.
I hate it
Because realistic is
Very evil
And even cruel.
Just like my siblings passed away.
I really wish that this kind of things
Will not happen again & again.
But,if I think positive,
I'm extremely sure that
I will love realistic ONE DAY-but not now.

Close My Eyes

''I close my eyes...And I can see a better day''
After listening this song,
I fell asleep soundly.
When I close my eyes,
I will smile broadly.
I always dream about
Wonderful things.
So beautiful...
So meaningful...
And so awesome...
I love the feelings of
But,when I opened my eyes
I'm back to REALISTIC!

Friday, 14 October 2011

A poem to Dad

The rhyme of “ Dad”
Is same with “ Bad”.
Some children say their dads
Are bad,
But, actually, their dads
Are not bad.

Every dad loves their children
More than themselves.
Just like my dad,
He is a good person.
He always buys things for my sister and me.
But, if you check his cardboard,
His clothes are worn-out.
He only buys clothes
When the malls have “Jumbo Sales”.

I know he is not a scrooge.
He only wants to save money for us.

His humour makes us cheerful.
His love makes us warm.
His care makes us healthy.
His ethics make us confidence
To face the FUTURE!

I can’t express my feelings,
But, I can say:
“Although he is not rich,
Although he is not perfect,
But, he will always be my Noble Dad!”

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The wind was strong this morning.

The wind was strong this morning.
I stood at the window to look at the scenery.
Wow,it was beautiful!
The fresh air was fresh.
I saw many natural things.
The strong wind blew,the flower danced.
I felt that Chinese New Year 
Was around the corner.
A flock of birds were chipping and singing sweetly.
They were just like a band of musician.
I revel in the symphonic music.
I couldn't describe this view,
But I know it was wonderful.
I love nature very much!
When I woke up,the time was already 7 o'clock.
OH MY GOD,I was late today!

She slapped me...

  Oh my!She slapped me.I had five fingers mark on my face.I was very sad and angry.She slapped me hardly.I couldn't describe the pain.She slapped me because of my mistake...because of my stubborn attitude.This incident  had repeated so many times.I hated it and then I cried bitterly.It seemed unnecessary.This person is my greatest mother.Now,I understand why she slapped me.She let me face the future confidently.THANKS,mum!


  Hi,glasses!How are you now?I know you are busy.Many people put you on right.I can see you everywhere.I'm sure you are excited about it.You are efficient,effective and let the economy better.Actually,I also wear you too.You help me to see the blackboard clearly.I just want to say:''You are extremely useful to us!''

My dream car

  Everyone has their dream car right.Nowadays,technology is very advanced.So,I dream that I can invent my own car.I wish my dream car is blue in color.Then,it is a sport car,such as Ferrari.The dream car is used water to operate.If I have the ability,I will invent the car that has a pair of white wings and it can also fly to space.This will help me gain knowledge of solar system.I wish this dream can come true in future.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sour plum

A smooth skin,
A single hard stone,
A small-medium-sized
Round or oval fruit
Called sour plum.

Fiona is my friend.
She loved to eat
Sour plum
Because she loved

Beryl and Jocelyn
Were best friends.
They were inseparable
As body and shadow.
Among them,
Jocelyn was
Top in studies
And piano.

They often revised
Their work together.
During weekends,
They visited their
Clandestine Place.
It's so beautiful 
That they named ther 

Years passed,
Second keeps on running 
Without taking a rest.
She went to ''Paradise''
With me.
Eye drops fell from her eyes when...

Last year,
Jocelyn,Beryl and Fiona
Promised to go to 
''Paradise'' together.
Fiona was late.
She rushed to the destination.
When she was crossing the road,
Jocelyn pushed her.
Fiona fell onto the road.

A loud sound came 
From back.
Fiona saw Jocelyn lying
On the ground.
Her blood...
She had passed away.

From that day onwards,
Beryl hated Fiona
Very much.
Although I consoled her,
But she still felt 
Her feelings was
As sour as a
Sour plum.
She dared not 

A family gathering

There are many people,
Or even no feeling
On their faces.
They were looking at 
The coffin.
Eye drops fell from 
My eyes.
That day,
At her funeral.

I wondered 
Why humans
Until they lost it?
Why couldn't they 
Cherish and 
Treasure it
Before losing it.
I wondered why...

I really...
Really hate this kind of 
Family gathering.
I wish 
This gathering
Will not happen
Ever and 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A moment of delight

I paced up and down,waiting for something significant.I kept on staring at my ancient watch.A few minutes passed.I became more nervous and nervous.''Look,there!''shouted my friends.I ran to Miss Lim.She gave me my record book.''Hooray...''I jumped up and cheered happily.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A new born cousin

At the month of Aug,
My uncle paced up and down,
Waiting for something significant.

Some hour later,
He heard a loud cried,
He was extremely excited.

My aunt was as happy as
A dog with two tails.
They hugged their baby.
The baby is very cute,
And vivacious.

The baby brought them
Hopes and even more
Wonderful memories!

The baby will
Join them for the rest
Of their lives!

They thanked 
God to brought the baby 
To be their FAVORITE SON!

I wish 
I can fly there
And visit them!
All the best...

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The feelings that I had in life!

I hate you.
Why are you arrogant?
You decided my live
Without asking me.
I realized that
Fate is worse than death.

In my live,
Sadness covered my
I knew that my parents
Gave me a lot of
Care and happiness.
I tried to obey them.
When they scolded me,
I just kept silent.

When I was seven,
They insulted me.
I couldn't stand it.
And rebuted them.
I hate those words!

I felt inferior,
I walked to the...
And looked down.
Cars and people
On the road.
What a beautiful world.
But,I didn't had any mood 
To watch.
Battle with fate 
Or die,
Both words appeared in my mind.

Suddenly,I paused my action.
I couldn't give up 
My own

Until that day,
I visited her in the hospital.
I heard that she had 
Passed away the day before!
So sudden!

After that,
I went to her funeral.
I met my uncle.
I used to despise him
Because his house is full of 
So disgusting.

I did not dare to walk near him previously
he walked toward me.
''Don't worry,
She will be relieved.''
He consoled me.
Due to my curiousity,
I asked him
What was the reason rearing the animals?
He loves animals a lot.

''Animals are just like 
If you pour out 
Your worrys and feelings to them,
They would listen carefully.
Do you believe in Buddhisms?
Someone who betrays
Their conscience,
They would turn
To animals,humans
Ghost or anythings 
Else according to their
We must have
And benevolence.''
He answered.

I was totally shocked.
His words made me
Thoughts and feelings

From that day onwards,
I knew that
I must cherish and treasure
Those things around me.
They are all 

My great-grandmother.
You had given me
A precious chance
To meet my uncle.
Uncle is very friendly,
Thanks a lot!
Enjoy your life
In heaven and paradise!

At last,
I am very happy.
I really love writing
They help me to 
Express my feelings,
Let me have a 
Good mood!

I am looking forwards
To my own

Friday, 12 August 2011

If my life is left only three day!

ღ☃ღೋ ═══════════════╗
Oh no,I was sick!I had a high fever last week.I was very...very weak.My hands and legs had no more energy to move.After taking the medicine,I slept soundly.
Just a few minutes later,I walked through a forest and I saw many different types of flora smiling at me.I felt curious.Suddenly,I saw a huge and shiny golden staircase.I wondered what could happen upstairs.
After thinking twice,I decided to climb up the staircase.Oh my!I couldn't believe my own eyes.I saw many wonderful things and a colourful funfair.Then,a God walked towards me and he told me:''Your life is left only 3 days.''I was shocked...
I ran back home immediately.The first day I did was going to the old folk's home and orphanage to do some so social work.This helped them feel happy in life.The second day,I invited my friends out to play badminton to make my body healthy.In the evening,my family and I watched the scenery of sunset at the beach.
The horrible day came.That was my last day.I prepared breakfast for my family.After that,we went to the funfair and Science Centre.My younger sister was as happy as a dog with two tails.I consoled myself.We played together till my last breathe.I quickly told them:''Thank you very much!''
''Ring...Ring...''My handphone alarm called me up.''Phew!What a nightmare I had.''Luckily,I'm alive.''But,if my life is left only three day,I will do the same things as I dreamt!
╚═══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ═══════════════╝


A smile is a sign of love,
That is important and dear.
A smile is a sign of care,
That tells how much the care is.

A smile is a sign of cheer,
That makes one over the moon.
Smile is a sign of trust,
That comes from people.

Smile is a mystery,
It transforms from sadness to sunshine,
From disappointment to joyous,
And even from tears to smiles.

Smile is very beautiful,
And powerful.
Smile is so great
And wonderful.

Let us be strong,
Displays our feelings,
And overcomes the difficulties.

If you want to cry,
Just look at the blue sky,
And then 

A smile is expensive,
But a smile can be very cheap.
Just give smiles away,
And you will get it back.

Cats or dogs,
Boys or girls,
Men or women,
Deserve a smile.

Smiles can't be bought,begged,
Borrowed or stolen,
It always belongs to 

Smile creates success in business,
Happiness in family and friendship.
Smile also makes the world 
Peaceful and lovely.

I love smiles,
Because smiles 
Just take a moment,
But the memory lasts forever!

Lead your life
To the fullest,

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I can't describe
My feelings.
Or even boring.

Is about my Grade 3 piano exam.
All the Best!

Means that I'm looking forward
To the EXAM.

I'm sure that the reason
Is I can't go to school
And keep on playing the PIANO!

I wonder why humans have  
A lot of

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Full of sadness

After school,
Mum told me a bolt from the blue news.
What passed away?
No,it is not authentic right!
Deceive myself not to believe
''The Fake News''
But it is realistic!

I hate you extremely.
Why are you arrogant?
Decided people lives
Without asking them.

Everyone just
Be optimistic,
Be hopeful
And sanguine.

Be happy,
Be relieved,
All the BEST
In heaven and paradise.

I am glad that God 
Brought me to 
Be your granddaughter.
I will remember you
Always and always!

Monday, 8 August 2011

My Hobby

Everyone has their own hobbies.
I'm not exception.
My favourite  hobby is
Playing the piano.
I learn the piano
Since I was seven.
This hobby came from my best friend,
Jia Yu.
I love to play Eng song.
If my friends ask me:
''What is your favourite hobby?''
is my answer.


Since the first day we met,
Our friendship blossomed like a rose,
And became very close.
But I did not trust you,
And now our friendship is gone,
I feel sorry about it.

A moment of delight

I was grived and stuffy.Colin gave me a telescope.''Oh,the man is fallen off the roof.'' I screamed. ''Mother's...out!''shouted Colin,worried. ''Ha,ha,ha...''My laugh made him pause. ''All made up,right.I suppose you think that's funny?''asked Colin.''It's awfully funny!''I answered.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mother's Hands

When I was a little baby,
She used her hands to carry me,
I always felt comfortable and safe.
Because I knew she was there.

Her hands held me gently,
From the day I took my first breath.
Her hands were so warm.
That made me yawn and fell asleep.

When I was a one-year-old child,
Her hands helped to guide me
As I took my first step,
I was sure  that she would take care of me.

Her hands held me close,
When the tears started to fall.
Her hands were often there to comfort me
When I fell down onto the floor.

Her hands would clap, cheer and praise
When I did well,
Her hands are now aging
Years after years.

Her hands have to help
To nurture this young tree.
I am sure you know who the young tree is,

I have more confidence
To face my future undertakings
under her guidance.

Do you know who is she?
She is my dearest mother,
My mother's hands are perfect
And her love is real.

Her hands create...............
A great and wonderful stories
To tell !

The younger sister of mine!

In 15 March 2001,
A small baby girl was born.
Maybe this was a luck
That God brought her to be
The younger sister of mine!

She has a pair of big eyes,
A head of short black hair,
A little chubby body.
She always has a broad smile
On her face.

Her full name is Jolin Chua Rou Lin.
She is 10 years old now.
She loves romantic things
Because her constellation is

When Jolin was a baby,
My parents always cared for her.
I felt jealous
And kicked her hands.
But, she just smiled at me!

Jolin is humorous,
She likes to joke
With us.
She make us
Happy and cheerful.

She is hard-working.
She loves to play the piano,
And even writing essays!

Although she is a little bit plump,
But she is good in sports.
My friends always laugh at her,
But she just smiles and doesn't care about it,
She will not be self-abased too.

Although she is an expert
In Maths and Science,
She will not be arrogant
Because she knows that
"Pride goes before a fall."

When my family
Comes across the difficulties
She will try her best to overcome the potholes
Because she once said :
"Many hands make light work."

I am proud of Jolin.
She is so kind and helpful.
I really thank that God brought her
To be the younger sister of mine.
Thank you very much!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A cozy bedroom

A black piano at the right corner of the room,
Let me know the mystery of music,
So plesant and so wonderful.
A round fish tank on the desk
Which is next to the piano.
This makes me feel better
When I see fish swimming leisurely
Without any worries.

There are many books
Which are arranged neatly aty the left corner,
I named it "Wisdom of Library".
Two pots of plant
Used to embelish the library.
If you look closer a little bit,
You will see a shiny star glass
In the middle of the books.
When i feel sad or happy,
I will write it down in a piece of paper
And put it into the glass.

At the other side of the room,
Is a small but comfortable bed.
It makes me dream a lot of happy things.
The wall is painted blue in colour
Because the background is "Underwater World".
I have pasted some photos inclusive of
Childhood, family members and places where I visited.
It is so precious and memorable !

That is my secret room
So colourful, so lovely and so wonderful.
Sweet-cozy bedroom is the room's name !