Friday, 12 August 2011

If my life is left only three day!

ღ☃ღೋ ═══════════════╗
Oh no,I was sick!I had a high fever last week.I was very...very weak.My hands and legs had no more energy to move.After taking the medicine,I slept soundly.
Just a few minutes later,I walked through a forest and I saw many different types of flora smiling at me.I felt curious.Suddenly,I saw a huge and shiny golden staircase.I wondered what could happen upstairs.
After thinking twice,I decided to climb up the staircase.Oh my!I couldn't believe my own eyes.I saw many wonderful things and a colourful funfair.Then,a God walked towards me and he told me:''Your life is left only 3 days.''I was shocked...
I ran back home immediately.The first day I did was going to the old folk's home and orphanage to do some so social work.This helped them feel happy in life.The second day,I invited my friends out to play badminton to make my body healthy.In the evening,my family and I watched the scenery of sunset at the beach.
The horrible day came.That was my last day.I prepared breakfast for my family.After that,we went to the funfair and Science Centre.My younger sister was as happy as a dog with two tails.I consoled myself.We played together till my last breathe.I quickly told them:''Thank you very much!''
''Ring...Ring...''My handphone alarm called me up.''Phew!What a nightmare I had.''Luckily,I'm alive.''But,if my life is left only three day,I will do the same things as I dreamt!
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