Friday, 12 August 2011


A smile is a sign of love,
That is important and dear.
A smile is a sign of care,
That tells how much the care is.

A smile is a sign of cheer,
That makes one over the moon.
Smile is a sign of trust,
That comes from people.

Smile is a mystery,
It transforms from sadness to sunshine,
From disappointment to joyous,
And even from tears to smiles.

Smile is very beautiful,
And powerful.
Smile is so great
And wonderful.

Let us be strong,
Displays our feelings,
And overcomes the difficulties.

If you want to cry,
Just look at the blue sky,
And then 

A smile is expensive,
But a smile can be very cheap.
Just give smiles away,
And you will get it back.

Cats or dogs,
Boys or girls,
Men or women,
Deserve a smile.

Smiles can't be bought,begged,
Borrowed or stolen,
It always belongs to 

Smile creates success in business,
Happiness in family and friendship.
Smile also makes the world 
Peaceful and lovely.

I love smiles,
Because smiles 
Just take a moment,
But the memory lasts forever!

Lead your life
To the fullest,

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