Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Fearless Peace

Every action begets a reaction,
From known to unknown,

Noon stumbles over humble,
Night woofs with the smooth,
Dawn remains blonde?

Friday, 2 June 2017

MUZOLOG (music monologue)

Colors Speak,
Silent You,
Soul Crawls,
Strengthen Me.

Call Me,
Heart Sings,
Capture You,
Stay Hard.

Friday, 7 April 2017

A Monologue of the Wanderer

I wonder
And ponder,
If I like the moonlight,
And if only I can capture it right...

I seek for flower
Without powder,
If I enjoy the night,
Without thinking of flight...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sunset and Palm tree

【Sunset & Palm tree】
When sorrow as if the turbulent wave,
Received a hand palm during the sunset,
A shelter was given from the branches
To discover the perfect Sunrise.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

An Incident that Touched me Most and Changed my Perception

Once, I believed there is no steel or diamond in my friendship. I had come across the obstacles and difficulties, yet I was lack of confidence. Due to fate, I met five little angels in my childhood. They were always by my side, endless giggling and laughing. Obviously, we were inseparable as if unbreakable bond. Those memories seem remarkable and memorable. True friends are difficult to forget.

Unfortunately, a phone call destroyed my happiness. My uncle was encouraging my parents to come back to Malaysia and he gave the golden opportunity to their career. Honestly, my parents agreed to be a manager in a photocopy shop to provide us a better future. They were only employees in Singapore. When I was at the age of eight, I forced to say goodbye to my five good friends. My tears rolled as if the water tap, they were uncontrollable! I ‘SWORE’ to avoid making good friends in Malaysia. What a childish notion! Yet, I failed to do so.

Years after years, they were always in my heart. Whenever I see something such as the field, I miss those wonderful days. We were a team in Sports Day, cooperating to win the champion! I was afraid that our friendship will fade. Finally, rainbow appears after the rain. I received a phone call which made me over the moon. I couldn’t describe my feeling, just awesome and unbelievable! I boarded a bus and it was time for me to hug the lovely country with my fellow friends. During the journey, I felt doubtful. “We haven’t seen each other for years…how am I going to talk with them? How about our friendship?”

After a few hours, I reached my destination. They were there to welcome me. We decided to go to ‘Xcape’ room as it was the most popular place among teenagers. ‘Xcape’ has a lot of games and titles. Without hesitation, we chose ‘Vampire Diaries’. Indeed, we shared the same interests. Before the game, girls and boys were separated as the boys were going to act as wizards and girls were the witches. Coincidentally, our group had got three girls and three boys. It was really fair in this game.

Next, six of us were led to a dark room and the game started immediately. We were asked to find the clue in the cardboard. Again, we showed our cooperation. Boys in-charged of the higher rows of the cardboard while girls in-charged of the lower part. Out of expectation, one of my friends discovered a hole on the top of the cardboard. After that, we realized that it was able to turn 180 Degree.

A prison was seen behind the cardboard. It was dark and I was scared by it. My friends were there to motivate me to enter the dark, silent prison. They are always reliable. Based on the vampires’ names, we managed to solve the passwords and puzzles. We got stuck in the last room. We didn’t give up till the last second. The worker of ‘Xcape’ entered the last room and said:” You guys have tried your best. Actually, if you manage to overcome the last stage, the witches will win and lock the wizards in this room. Thank you and come again.” One of my friends kid: “How can you cheat us without telling us the truth? We have known each other for 14 years.”

It was time to bid farewell. A cake was designed by us and we named our group as ‘Happy Anniversary’! After that, they accompanied me to the MRT station. It was far away from their house. “Never mind, we can accompany you as it is your last journey of this year in Singapore. Do miss us.” they said and laughed. The words warmed my heart. “The witches dared to betray the wizards as we know that we knew each other since young.” This is my answer in my heart.

Jing Xian, Jia Yu, Jia Jun, Hean Chung and See Yen, you guys are always my special old friends! I am really fortunate to know you guys. Thank God! From the incident, I believe in friendship. Friendship has no word and good friendship is demanded to be touched. Two phone calls had changed my perception towards friendship and thus built up the walls of our friendship. We managed to transform walls into doors. I shall never forget ‘Happy Anniversary’ and they are the amazing memories in my heart and soul!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Recent Life Changes...

They saw a fire in between the woods,
Melodic tunes were expressed by the calm river,
Animals grazed under the daylight,
They were blissful on the straws and rafts,
What a peaceful world!

We create fire without thinking twice,
Discussion turns into argument and war,
Dropping the precious tear before the death,
We never have enough,
What a powerful weapon!

They are sunshine,we are rain,
They can be a friend,we can be a foe,
A blessing or A curse,
A dawn or a dusk...
What say you?

Friday, 10 July 2015

It hurts to let go.But sometimes it hurts more to hold on.

As dark as hell,
Bitterness makes a beast,
Everything hurts
When we brood over the past.

A new beginning is
To understand,
To forgive
And to let go.

Because is because,
We shall taste the sweetness
In the black coffee,
Why ask why?