Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A moment of delight

I paced up and down,waiting for something significant.I kept on staring at my ancient watch.A few minutes passed.I became more nervous and nervous.''Look,there!''shouted my friends.I ran to Miss Lim.She gave me my record book.''Hooray...''I jumped up and cheered happily.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A new born cousin

At the month of Aug,
My uncle paced up and down,
Waiting for something significant.

Some hour later,
He heard a loud cried,
He was extremely excited.

My aunt was as happy as
A dog with two tails.
They hugged their baby.
The baby is very cute,
And vivacious.

The baby brought them
Hopes and even more
Wonderful memories!

The baby will
Join them for the rest
Of their lives!

They thanked 
God to brought the baby 
To be their FAVORITE SON!

I wish 
I can fly there
And visit them!
All the best...

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The feelings that I had in life!

I hate you.
Why are you arrogant?
You decided my live
Without asking me.
I realized that
Fate is worse than death.

In my live,
Sadness covered my
I knew that my parents
Gave me a lot of
Care and happiness.
I tried to obey them.
When they scolded me,
I just kept silent.

When I was seven,
They insulted me.
I couldn't stand it.
And rebuted them.
I hate those words!

I felt inferior,
I walked to the...
And looked down.
Cars and people
On the road.
What a beautiful world.
But,I didn't had any mood 
To watch.
Battle with fate 
Or die,
Both words appeared in my mind.

Suddenly,I paused my action.
I couldn't give up 
My own

Until that day,
I visited her in the hospital.
I heard that she had 
Passed away the day before!
So sudden!

After that,
I went to her funeral.
I met my uncle.
I used to despise him
Because his house is full of 
So disgusting.

I did not dare to walk near him previously
he walked toward me.
''Don't worry,
She will be relieved.''
He consoled me.
Due to my curiousity,
I asked him
What was the reason rearing the animals?
He loves animals a lot.

''Animals are just like 
If you pour out 
Your worrys and feelings to them,
They would listen carefully.
Do you believe in Buddhisms?
Someone who betrays
Their conscience,
They would turn
To animals,humans
Ghost or anythings 
Else according to their
We must have
And benevolence.''
He answered.

I was totally shocked.
His words made me
Thoughts and feelings

From that day onwards,
I knew that
I must cherish and treasure
Those things around me.
They are all 

My great-grandmother.
You had given me
A precious chance
To meet my uncle.
Uncle is very friendly,
Thanks a lot!
Enjoy your life
In heaven and paradise!

At last,
I am very happy.
I really love writing
They help me to 
Express my feelings,
Let me have a 
Good mood!

I am looking forwards
To my own

Friday, 12 August 2011

If my life is left only three day!

ღ☃ღೋ ═══════════════╗
Oh no,I was sick!I had a high fever last week.I was very...very weak.My hands and legs had no more energy to move.After taking the medicine,I slept soundly.
Just a few minutes later,I walked through a forest and I saw many different types of flora smiling at me.I felt curious.Suddenly,I saw a huge and shiny golden staircase.I wondered what could happen upstairs.
After thinking twice,I decided to climb up the staircase.Oh my!I couldn't believe my own eyes.I saw many wonderful things and a colourful funfair.Then,a God walked towards me and he told me:''Your life is left only 3 days.''I was shocked...
I ran back home immediately.The first day I did was going to the old folk's home and orphanage to do some so social work.This helped them feel happy in life.The second day,I invited my friends out to play badminton to make my body healthy.In the evening,my family and I watched the scenery of sunset at the beach.
The horrible day came.That was my last day.I prepared breakfast for my family.After that,we went to the funfair and Science Centre.My younger sister was as happy as a dog with two tails.I consoled myself.We played together till my last breathe.I quickly told them:''Thank you very much!''
''Ring...Ring...''My handphone alarm called me up.''Phew!What a nightmare I had.''Luckily,I'm alive.''But,if my life is left only three day,I will do the same things as I dreamt!
╚═══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ═══════════════╝


A smile is a sign of love,
That is important and dear.
A smile is a sign of care,
That tells how much the care is.

A smile is a sign of cheer,
That makes one over the moon.
Smile is a sign of trust,
That comes from people.

Smile is a mystery,
It transforms from sadness to sunshine,
From disappointment to joyous,
And even from tears to smiles.

Smile is very beautiful,
And powerful.
Smile is so great
And wonderful.

Let us be strong,
Displays our feelings,
And overcomes the difficulties.

If you want to cry,
Just look at the blue sky,
And then 

A smile is expensive,
But a smile can be very cheap.
Just give smiles away,
And you will get it back.

Cats or dogs,
Boys or girls,
Men or women,
Deserve a smile.

Smiles can't be bought,begged,
Borrowed or stolen,
It always belongs to 

Smile creates success in business,
Happiness in family and friendship.
Smile also makes the world 
Peaceful and lovely.

I love smiles,
Because smiles 
Just take a moment,
But the memory lasts forever!

Lead your life
To the fullest,

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I can't describe
My feelings.
Or even boring.

Is about my Grade 3 piano exam.
All the Best!

Means that I'm looking forward
To the EXAM.

I'm sure that the reason
Is I can't go to school
And keep on playing the PIANO!

I wonder why humans have  
A lot of

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Full of sadness

After school,
Mum told me a bolt from the blue news.
What passed away?
No,it is not authentic right!
Deceive myself not to believe
''The Fake News''
But it is realistic!

I hate you extremely.
Why are you arrogant?
Decided people lives
Without asking them.

Everyone just
Be optimistic,
Be hopeful
And sanguine.

Be happy,
Be relieved,
All the BEST
In heaven and paradise.

I am glad that God 
Brought me to 
Be your granddaughter.
I will remember you
Always and always!

Monday, 8 August 2011

My Hobby

Everyone has their own hobbies.
I'm not exception.
My favourite  hobby is
Playing the piano.
I learn the piano
Since I was seven.
This hobby came from my best friend,
Jia Yu.
I love to play Eng song.
If my friends ask me:
''What is your favourite hobby?''
is my answer.


Since the first day we met,
Our friendship blossomed like a rose,
And became very close.
But I did not trust you,
And now our friendship is gone,
I feel sorry about it.

A moment of delight

I was grived and stuffy.Colin gave me a telescope.''Oh,the man is fallen off the roof.'' I screamed. ''Mother's...out!''shouted Colin,worried. ''Ha,ha,ha...''My laugh made him pause. ''All made up,right.I suppose you think that's funny?''asked Colin.''It's awfully funny!''I answered.