Thursday, 13 November 2014

Shadow in the Sun

As I am alive,
I breathe
And live,
To make a big difference
Or the life of another,
Avoiding the trespasses 
Every day,
I shall continue my walk.

When I am dead,
I don't grumble,
Before closing my eyes,
I bless myself,
No pain
And I am not beaten down,
My soul will never fade,
Just pause
To create 
My shadow in the sun!

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Aggressive actions
Punch us into hell,
Pain of mind,
We stay in the valley
But see over the hill.

Melancholy melody
Doesn't drive us mad,
Devil's thought
Gives birth to

Warm words
Break our arrows,
Food for the brain,
We have created
The strength of every tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Biggest Fear

Pressing my strength,
Shivering action,
I have large shadow
But small figure.
Running away
Before eyes connection,
They love to speak,
I prefer silent.

The growing scars
And the white bandage,
Or Mind killer?

Friday, 13 June 2014


The devil's thought,
As if the glass of water
Which needs plenty of time
To turn into warmly tears.
Stop thinking
And pause every ending,
Your vision will become clear,
You have your companions.

We don't have golden slippers.
The best cure of boredom
Is curiosity.
The most powerful weapon
Is our soul on fire!

Friday, 31 January 2014

As I stage on the stage

"What do you prepare to be?
What is your decision?
Is your choice right?"
Several questions are surrounded around me.
I know the answer,
But not dare to answer them confidently.
Too many todays and tomorrows.
I had experienced the todays
And they passed by swiftly.
All I need is thinking about
the tomorrows of two years and above.
Even today will be yesterday
When the clock strikes twelve.
I shouldn't be my shadow,
In fact,I must be a conductor.
Deciding to choose 'Passion' in reality.
Being a leader is not easy,
This is why I have to start from the beginning.
The first stage is couragement,
The second stage is decision
And determination comes next.
I need to be dare to decide and determine my level
And the stage which I will be heading to.
As I stand on the stage,
Regarding it as my stage to create my stories.
Everyone has every history,
How do I make sense
In the period of 3 minutes?
A touching story,
A good introduction
And an impressive impression.
With that,confidence will decide who I am.
I am looking forward to
my maturity and creativity.
On the stage,
I am not going to stand behind the paper
But I must stand in front of my past.
Care for every today
And bless for a change!:))