Sunday, 25 August 2013

I swear to be...

A girl who dances with sun,
Blooming with flowers all daylight,
So light,fine and high.
I shall leave a vagabond up high.

Tears clean up my eyes,
A simple step makes a huge difference,
The melancholy feelings
I shall sing to myself in facing the obstacles.

Storm and lightning
Making me a warrior,
Penetrating the anger,
I shall never let wailing sounds,beaten me down.

I swear...
Dare to fight,
Dare to challenge,
Never a doubt,
It's my life.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Peace of beach.

Every action begets a reaction,
From the first moment until an unknown,
I don't ask to walk on the smooth path,
I don't stumble on the rocks,
But I need to thank them,
those who give without receiving,
It matters not who is right,
Only what is right.
It is time for me to keep on experiencing.