Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Deep sense of gratitude

  In my life,self abasement came through myself.I know self-confident is important,but sometimes I couldn't be as confident as...Anyway,I was only an ordinary,normal girl.

  Time passed away swiftly.Now,I found that I'm fortunate.Honor that I'm an able person,I'm a child who has a complete family,a sister who has a lovely younger sister.Sometimes,I really admire and respect those people who are disable.The ways that they handle their lives.Although they are not the best,but they prove that they are always able.I'm proud of them.I asked myself:"How can I be an abnegator in the world?"
  Yes,although I'm normal,but I'm able.Able to see,hear,taste,touch and so on.I know that I was born to be myself.Create my own mystery future.That should be a story or a moment that was created by myself.Normal also can be unique.A normal person also has a special feeling.None of a person can  replace myself except me!
  Indeed,my parents are noble.Without them,who am I?They give me an uncountable love and care.I never think about they could be rich.I only want a happy family.I sure that every parents had scolded their precious child before.But, most of the children hated their parents right?Actually,those children didn't hate them before,they just didn't know how to express their love to their parents.Sometime,I really felt pity because children merely stay with their parents about twenty years.After that,they need to build their own family.

  Overall,cherish all those things in life. Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. I'm proud that I could be myself.Thankful and grateful,I can't express.Deep sense of gratitude just in my own heart!

Friday, 11 November 2011


What is spirituality?
Someone say it is simply matters of the spirit,
But the complication comes
In when you try to define spirit.
Hard word to define.
Something deep inside you feels moved to write.
This is probably spiritual nature.

God is truly man's best friend on this earth.
Patient and true love give by God.
God is also the noble mystery.
Believe in God,
Grateful to God,
Thankful to God
Who fill our life.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


They are very cool,
Because they are colorful.
Many types of colors,
Different kinds of living or non-living things
In them.
Some people show their 
And even sadness.
Some love taking them,
Some do not.
They are only a piece of paper 
Which consist many memories and values.

They let us returned to our past,
But,they can't show our future.
Just snap and say ''Cheese''!
If you are mad,
You can also laugh loudly,
 Just like this:''Ha...ha...''

Monday, 7 November 2011


Black and white keys,
Hands touch it,
And just like a butterfly 
Dancing on the stage.
Sounds seem moderately.
Some are forte,piano,tosto,dolore...
All performance directions
Became many songs.
And those are fantastic!!!

E-mail Vs Letter

E-mail can send message

Letter is worse than e-mail,
Not speed at all.

E-mail is cool,
Correct our wrong spelling.

Letter can let a person
Use a dictionary him/herself.

If you receive an e-mail and a letter,
Which let you feel excited.

Maybe e-mail,
Maybe letter right?

Whatever,for me,
I will vote letter.

Letter was written and drawn by the sender,
And you can feel the sincerely from sender.

How about you?
Leave a comment to vote them.
E-mail VS letter,who will win?
Of course,decided by everyone.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Ball is colourful
And round.

Disc with rainbow colour
Is also round.

Clock with second hand and minute hand
Is also round.

Oh my,lots of things in our daily life
Are round in shape.

Maybe that are invented by our noble God.

Our earth is also Round.
Many children are protected by earth.
Because she is our mother earth.
No matter earth is invented by God or someone.
Just remember,
She is unite and special,
She belongs to every living things.
And loving to her.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Lets a person has the courage to stand
On the stage.

Lets us overcome our
Difficulties and so on.

Makes our life
More meaningful and wonderful.

Makes us excellent and success
In future.

Somebody didn't have confident
Not because they are not well,
Actually,they are fantastic!

Just try your best
To believe yourself.
Then,you will be the best in your heart.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Why English is important?

  English is really important in our daily life.I know someone use Chinese or Malay to communicate in Malaysia.Actually,learning English will give us lot of benefits.

  Why does English become important in our life?There are many reasons.The most significant is for the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.Scientist also use the language of  English to investigate scientific investigation.

  Furthermore,English is the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE.We use English to communicate with Malay,Korean,Japanese and even American.Indeed,most American use English because English is their mother tongue.

  So, friends,please don't give up English!Just let English to be a part of our body.If you say you can do it,you will surely do it;if you say you can't,you will not Forever.

  A teacher told me that life is just like a stage.If you have confident to stand on the stage to present your speech or whatever in English,one day you will success and improve your pronunciation of English!All the best...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Is hardworking.
It keeps on running without taking a break.

Is friendly.
It lets us have the opportunity to introduce us to friends.

Is accurately.
It makes us  punctual .

Is kind.
It lets us relax when we are extremely tired.

Is wonderful.
It helps us have a marvelous existence.

Let us cherish
Our precious time.

Only the ones who treasure the time,
They will possess their extraordinary joyous!!!