Sunday, 24 June 2012

Optical illsion

Yesterday,I saw a picture accidentally.
I am sure you know what I mean.
Bingo,I am mentioning about Optical illusion.
Look at the picture that located at the right.
Obviously,you will find the answers there.
1)just merely a scenery
2)a beautiful woman 's face
Discovering it right.

Actually,it just a picture.
But,it lets me think about:

A man with one heart,
but several of characteristics,
someone will hide theirs bad
and showing off theirs good generously.
Just like a man with two faces.
Unbelievable has came.
But,sometimes,it is better that knowing the good rather than bad.
So,hatred will reduce and love will grant.
When the whole things come to light,
Love is totally minus and hatred plus.
That's the deep meaning that I have just discover
From the word of optical illusion.
So,open your window to look at the good
Instead of the bad!