Tuesday, 6 January 2015


  No man knows he is young while he is young. Every young man is a boy and every boy has different characteristics. Personality makes them young. No matter he is young or old,he has his stories. Stories are created every second, minute and hour. In fact,he had choices and chances. He decides to be who he is. Perhaps, a playboy or a good boy. Even a good boy can be a playboy. A boy can play drum,violin or just the piano.

  Though we all know that frying isn't the optimal way to prepare food, this method occupies the middle ground when it comes to preserving antioxidant content. Frying, a playful boy who dares to do something out of the ordinary. He seemed to be a man of the hour in high school. Wherever he went, a punch in his hand was around and he corner. Some of them even ran away before his eyes connection. Hanging out with friends in the shopping mall was his favorite job. While a magnificent, lovely girl with sparkling eyes appear, as if the water in the sunshine passed by, his gang was capable to get rid of the second chance to meet the girl. Indeed, he spent much of his time pursuing leisure.

  If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. His thoughts built him up. He became more mature and started to do things in efficient ways. He studied hard to achieve his goal. Perhaps, dream motivates human as if the right way to do while you are in the kitchen, the nutrient value of the food will typically increase. he chose the best way which made a big different. Steaming appears to be one of the best cooking methods for keeping the vitamins and minerals in your food. Therefore, he was not only human.

  A playboy can be a better person. By using the best way of cooking, the dishes can be delicious. He will remember the past and personality blesses him for the right future! :)