Saturday, 22 October 2011


Someone hate realistic,
Someone love it.
I hate it
Because realistic is
Very evil
And even cruel.
Just like my siblings passed away.
I really wish that this kind of things
Will not happen again & again.
But,if I think positive,
I'm extremely sure that
I will love realistic ONE DAY-but not now.

Close My Eyes

''I close my eyes...And I can see a better day''
After listening this song,
I fell asleep soundly.
When I close my eyes,
I will smile broadly.
I always dream about
Wonderful things.
So beautiful...
So meaningful...
And so awesome...
I love the feelings of
But,when I opened my eyes
I'm back to REALISTIC!

Friday, 14 October 2011

A poem to Dad

The rhyme of “ Dad”
Is same with “ Bad”.
Some children say their dads
Are bad,
But, actually, their dads
Are not bad.

Every dad loves their children
More than themselves.
Just like my dad,
He is a good person.
He always buys things for my sister and me.
But, if you check his cardboard,
His clothes are worn-out.
He only buys clothes
When the malls have “Jumbo Sales”.

I know he is not a scrooge.
He only wants to save money for us.

His humour makes us cheerful.
His love makes us warm.
His care makes us healthy.
His ethics make us confidence
To face the FUTURE!

I can’t express my feelings,
But, I can say:
“Although he is not rich,
Although he is not perfect,
But, he will always be my Noble Dad!”

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The wind was strong this morning.

The wind was strong this morning.
I stood at the window to look at the scenery.
Wow,it was beautiful!
The fresh air was fresh.
I saw many natural things.
The strong wind blew,the flower danced.
I felt that Chinese New Year 
Was around the corner.
A flock of birds were chipping and singing sweetly.
They were just like a band of musician.
I revel in the symphonic music.
I couldn't describe this view,
But I know it was wonderful.
I love nature very much!
When I woke up,the time was already 7 o'clock.
OH MY GOD,I was late today!

She slapped me...

  Oh my!She slapped me.I had five fingers mark on my face.I was very sad and angry.She slapped me hardly.I couldn't describe the pain.She slapped me because of my mistake...because of my stubborn attitude.This incident  had repeated so many times.I hated it and then I cried bitterly.It seemed unnecessary.This person is my greatest mother.Now,I understand why she slapped me.She let me face the future confidently.THANKS,mum!


  Hi,glasses!How are you now?I know you are busy.Many people put you on right.I can see you everywhere.I'm sure you are excited about it.You are efficient,effective and let the economy better.Actually,I also wear you too.You help me to see the blackboard clearly.I just want to say:''You are extremely useful to us!''

My dream car

  Everyone has their dream car right.Nowadays,technology is very advanced.So,I dream that I can invent my own car.I wish my dream car is blue in color.Then,it is a sport car,such as Ferrari.The dream car is used water to operate.If I have the ability,I will invent the car that has a pair of white wings and it can also fly to space.This will help me gain knowledge of solar system.I wish this dream can come true in future.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sour plum

A smooth skin,
A single hard stone,
A small-medium-sized
Round or oval fruit
Called sour plum.

Fiona is my friend.
She loved to eat
Sour plum
Because she loved

Beryl and Jocelyn
Were best friends.
They were inseparable
As body and shadow.
Among them,
Jocelyn was
Top in studies
And piano.

They often revised
Their work together.
During weekends,
They visited their
Clandestine Place.
It's so beautiful 
That they named ther 

Years passed,
Second keeps on running 
Without taking a rest.
She went to ''Paradise''
With me.
Eye drops fell from her eyes when...

Last year,
Jocelyn,Beryl and Fiona
Promised to go to 
''Paradise'' together.
Fiona was late.
She rushed to the destination.
When she was crossing the road,
Jocelyn pushed her.
Fiona fell onto the road.

A loud sound came 
From back.
Fiona saw Jocelyn lying
On the ground.
Her blood...
She had passed away.

From that day onwards,
Beryl hated Fiona
Very much.
Although I consoled her,
But she still felt 
Her feelings was
As sour as a
Sour plum.
She dared not 

A family gathering

There are many people,
Or even no feeling
On their faces.
They were looking at 
The coffin.
Eye drops fell from 
My eyes.
That day,
At her funeral.

I wondered 
Why humans
Until they lost it?
Why couldn't they 
Cherish and 
Treasure it
Before losing it.
I wondered why...

I really...
Really hate this kind of 
Family gathering.
I wish 
This gathering
Will not happen
Ever and