Friday, 14 October 2011

A poem to Dad

The rhyme of “ Dad”
Is same with “ Bad”.
Some children say their dads
Are bad,
But, actually, their dads
Are not bad.

Every dad loves their children
More than themselves.
Just like my dad,
He is a good person.
He always buys things for my sister and me.
But, if you check his cardboard,
His clothes are worn-out.
He only buys clothes
When the malls have “Jumbo Sales”.

I know he is not a scrooge.
He only wants to save money for us.

His humour makes us cheerful.
His love makes us warm.
His care makes us healthy.
His ethics make us confidence
To face the FUTURE!

I can’t express my feelings,
But, I can say:
“Although he is not rich,
Although he is not perfect,
But, he will always be my Noble Dad!”


  1. Hmmm...
    Dad is and will always be Hero, like a gigantic spotlight that sparks and stimulates our lives, like a rogue wave that is strong enough to be our backbone, like a huge mountain that can prevent us from getting harm. Do love your dad kid:-)

  2. Ya,dad is noble.But,dad will not spoke his love to every child.Sometimes,he only express it.>-<