Sunday, 24 November 2013

I bid farewell to my weakness

The unbearable sunset,
I had a bundle of nerves,
The expectation of sunrise,
I had a bed of roses.

On the spur of moment,
It separated my crossing finger,
The only hand
Couldn't make light work.

Storming and lightning increase the risk,
I tasted the lemon and medicine.
Rain makes a plant grows,
I deserved the boredom.
Windy day is always friendly,
My troubles and temper had blown away.
Plants carry out photosynthesis by the sunlight,
I was doomed to wave my hands.

What have I been up to?
The benevolence is unlocked!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

I swear to be...

A girl who dances with sun,
Blooming with flowers all daylight,
So light,fine and high.
I shall leave a vagabond up high.

Tears clean up my eyes,
A simple step makes a huge difference,
The melancholy feelings
I shall sing to myself in facing the obstacles.

Storm and lightning
Making me a warrior,
Penetrating the anger,
I shall never let wailing sounds,beaten me down.

I swear...
Dare to fight,
Dare to challenge,
Never a doubt,
It's my life.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Peace of beach.

Every action begets a reaction,
From the first moment until an unknown,
I don't ask to walk on the smooth path,
I don't stumble on the rocks,
But I need to thank them,
those who give without receiving,
It matters not who is right,
Only what is right.
It is time for me to keep on experiencing.

Friday, 26 July 2013

An untold story

Do not believe in love simply because you have felt it.
Do not believe in anything merely on the biography
because it is spoken and rumored by many.
Do not believe in sincerity simply because it may be 
a fake mask or a faker.

  If a man does not keep his drum with drum stick,perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.From vanilla favourite to a blueberry flavor.He was sailing in a rudderless ship and a first rock knocked on his ship.She believed love at first sight,even love is unknown,but she prefered to turn herself blind.She walked on the balcony and someone caught her eyes.Down to a first appealing runner.The runner ran swiftly to be the champion.Besides that,he had been the champion in her heart."Trust yourself,then you will know how to live."A familiar sound from heart.His profession was her music of paradise.Their cheers as if the music sang into her soul and made her over the moon.

Whenever she goes,
She will go with her heart.

  Coming close...she prayed for an attention.To be closer and closer until a "BUMP" appeared.What an unlucky incident!Just a word of "Sorry" produced several stars and blanken her mind.Attention came but she left.All appears to change,we change.She changed to be that perfect.Long hair became short.She grabbed a long distance run.Yet,succeeded to be the second.Teachers spoke and questioned,she nodded and answered.What on earth was she doing?He was shocked and worried about seeing her spending her time to do everything.

If a man wants to know the taste of sea water,
he will set off.
If he keeps going,he will surely come to the sea.

  The music of 'Turkish March' by W.A.Mozart started to reflect her hypertension and excessive stress.The tension dissapeared when she was slowing down.the door opened.He arrived at destination to cure her sickness.He,a mender who mixed the black keys and white keys together."It is never too late to mend."the sound appeared again.Now,it was 'Sweet bye and bye' by Walter c.Stier with two pairs of hand.Gently knocked the piano in unbelievable spaces.

But,after observation and analysis,
she will find that anything agrees with reason,
Accept it and live it up her smile.

  I don't know the duration of my thunderstorm and lightning.Once,I just hid myself in a shelter.As we all know,a plant gets nourishment from the soil.I recall,we made a promise,the most faithful thing in the world.Luckily,it was not in black and white.A face without smile had educated me.There was no death,there was the shadow of our feelings.Life can only be understood after stumble and fall.

Let bygones be bygones.
Meet my future,
I am glad to greet the sun every day.

  The blue dolphin of yours,I can't tear it,no feelings of unbearable,just wish it is fine.As for me,I had locked the blue dolphin in a pyramid.It is in my blue box now or maybe future.I promised to be.No fault and hatred.Awake my soul!

Self and spirit...
Awake my soul!

  I will be cautious to avoid myself from falling down to the phrase of 'Love at first sight'.I love and hate the word 'Love'.Love is not consolation,it is my light.What is my refulgence? "Trust yourself,then you will know how to live."I know her sound,the only season in my HEART!Now,I have told the supposedly untold story to you,and I have unleashed those little secrets once hidden in my soul.And you,I am blooming with new hope and new life.

~an untold story of mine~written by Joann Rou En:))

Sunday, 7 July 2013

I say I can

Beautiful creatures!
There are lot of planets in the galaxy,
and yet,
the sun is the only star 
to let them carry out photosynthesis.
We may be famous in the light,
but not in the dark.
Human's fascination is a thing 
that we are able to create.
Who makes our polarities increase?

Kind-heartedness produces warmth
To all living things.
Positive energy will strengthen 
The power of love.
Animals know theirs jobs.
They can defend their kid from enemies.
Do you appreciate your erythrocytes?

Drama in our daily life.
We are suffering and enjoying.
Do beware of holes!
Microorganisms may turn themselves 'transparent'.
The thought of letting go is
The key to freedom.
Do you appreciate what you have?

Peace,good health and happiness.:)))

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A silent night,I 'm here for you,it has been gone.

Aeon blackout,
A dime a'dozen,
betrayal of alligator,
Beware of it.
Fake melody is started
When tears are running out.
How can you start
With the black keys of piano?

I shall use my hands
To invite a dance,
To reduce your grieveness,
Gloating in the baptism of fire,
My two minus symbolise
Peace and equality.
Let me bloom with black and white keys.

In the dark,
Spark it lively.
My hands have no finger,
As it is time
For you to create
The cadence without piano!

Monday, 27 May 2013

No matter what

"I shall revenge in future"

Why the woods were on fire?
The rain had sung to live.
Their lives are significant.
Diamond will crush into pieces
Because of the phase of
"No matter what!"

No matter what,
People don't notice the things we do for them
Until we stop doing them!

"I shall revenge on their behaviors!"
"Get rid of negative humans!"

Monday, 29 April 2013

An unforgettable friend

A tortoise owned its legs and head befriended with a shiny diamond.
The diamond shone in the night but remained a rock in the day.
The tortoise turned into the wave when the diamond was given to the dolphin.
In the day,he was the wave,but,he was the tortoise in the night.
I loved the tortoise in the wave.
However,the diamond met him and materialistic came.
Maybe,this ending will let him bury in my own sea without wave!

Friday, 19 April 2013

The smiling tortoise

I sigh for my eyes.
My lyrics is silent.
I need to complete it,
To hold the last breath.
She writes mine,
My story is not mine,
She deserves the 'famous'
But,lack of feelings in her life!

Friday, 12 April 2013

There is no turning back.

Round and round.
Their legs are bleeding.
Over  the rainbow,
Over the sea.
However,they had finished visiting all the countries.

There are too many curves left.
They will not forget how they were
beaten,hurt and bled.

The movie is singing,
Not sleeping.
Once,they have the ability
To decipher the good from bad.

The dates passed,
running like a cheetah.
Please feel the rain or shine in your heart and soul.
When the message is sent out,
You have no reason to change!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Beautiful Sunday

Gold is a precious treasure.
But,soul is an inspired paradise.
It is the one who paints all kinds of hearts.

There ar thousands of tiny miracles.
However,dignity depends upon our character,
Not our wealth.
We have eyes,
But,we are blind.

Instead of people,
We use things.
It is better that we choose
A brown horse than a white unicorn.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Out live my life.

Her sweat,
My blood.
Her teeth,
My mouth.
Her brain,
My hair.

The knock,
The slap,
Gave me a spark.
Rainbow,a bridge
Pulled me out.

My eyes turn to the sun,
My nose represents the river,
My mouth is a plant,
My ear produces the cloud.

Be alert of light,
Notice the turns,
Mending the hole,
Music will never end.

I shall prove you wrong!
The rainbow will be inverted,

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What do I think of myself?

The hatred was there,
The brain was surrounded by the evil monster,
The fire was lightened brightly,
Yesterday is always a history.

The river is flowing swiftly,
I have an aim,
My papers are not blank,
Today is continuing.
Now,just cough!

The determination can't be estimated,
I can't describe the color of the questions,
Time will tell,
Tomorrow,a silent date.
Maybe,a brand-new bacteria will survive!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Don't grumble,do it!

A tree is planted by me.
Due to my ability,
I prefer one
instead of two.
I am lack of time.
So,I seldom water the tree.
Maybe,I am lucky
Or the tree is mysterious.
It just bears apples
Which is out of the ordinary.
The apples they eat are sour,
mine is sweet.
This is the funniest situation
I ever met.
A branch and two apples
Are on my papers.
What a luck!
Do it, remain it and spark it!

Friday, 15 February 2013

An Unknown Present

I received a heart on the day I breathe,
soundless but smile.

Day by day,
when childhood came,
Toys are my companions.

The clock always strike at twelve,
Every day,
older and older,
However,two days after,
My age is going to plus another one.

My birthday wish is
just attempt it,
cherish it!

This present will light up the dark.
Light,I am coming...

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dark and light

Brain,the swiftly stream,
Be the top in our body,
The most flawless position.
Hair,the most beautiful,
Afraid of jobless,
Jealous and restriction,
They turn into disaster,
Failing into tunnel.
Unbelievable end!
Envious again.
Hailstorm comes,
Instead of tunnel,
Hair is trapped in the hell...
The darkest hell!

Brain,ignorance can be true,
Ignorant of the darkness,
Just mimic the erythrocytes,
Doing the same thing,
Read and read,
Revel in the silent voices.
Turn into a dictionary,
Knowledge and wisdom,
The best friends of brain,
The staircase is bright
With the glorious light!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


From January to Feb,
The cherry is merely red,
The soldiers are matching,
A soldier is not that enough,
A troupe of them is like a tree.
Indeed,it is not auspicous,
They are sailing on the sea,
The apples are rotten,eaten by worms.

All is covered by snow,
Some of them in the rectangle,
No sound,soundless,
The flowers are surrounded by them,
Maybe,that's SUPPER.

But,supper is not going to end!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Back home

For long they have been...
Walking on different roads,styles,
Finding theirs way to  a new beginning,
But,the beginning is the same.
Erythrocytes are always Noble,
Transporting the oxygen,
Goodbye to carbon dioxide,
Their jobs,non-stop,
No brain but useful,
No money for working,
No one will appreciate,
All they need is 'Back Home'
They will be destroyed by liver and spleen,
They are made in the bone marrow,
Again,they need to 'Back Home'!