Sunday, 7 July 2013

I say I can

Beautiful creatures!
There are lot of planets in the galaxy,
and yet,
the sun is the only star 
to let them carry out photosynthesis.
We may be famous in the light,
but not in the dark.
Human's fascination is a thing 
that we are able to create.
Who makes our polarities increase?

Kind-heartedness produces warmth
To all living things.
Positive energy will strengthen 
The power of love.
Animals know theirs jobs.
They can defend their kid from enemies.
Do you appreciate your erythrocytes?

Drama in our daily life.
We are suffering and enjoying.
Do beware of holes!
Microorganisms may turn themselves 'transparent'.
The thought of letting go is
The key to freedom.
Do you appreciate what you have?

Peace,good health and happiness.:)))

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