Wednesday, 23 January 2013


From January to Feb,
The cherry is merely red,
The soldiers are matching,
A soldier is not that enough,
A troupe of them is like a tree.
Indeed,it is not auspicous,
They are sailing on the sea,
The apples are rotten,eaten by worms.

All is covered by snow,
Some of them in the rectangle,
No sound,soundless,
The flowers are surrounded by them,
Maybe,that's SUPPER.

But,supper is not going to end!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Back home

For long they have been...
Walking on different roads,styles,
Finding theirs way to  a new beginning,
But,the beginning is the same.
Erythrocytes are always Noble,
Transporting the oxygen,
Goodbye to carbon dioxide,
Their jobs,non-stop,
No brain but useful,
No money for working,
No one will appreciate,
All they need is 'Back Home'
They will be destroyed by liver and spleen,
They are made in the bone marrow,
Again,they need to 'Back Home'!