Friday, 31 January 2014

As I stage on the stage

"What do you prepare to be?
What is your decision?
Is your choice right?"
Several questions are surrounded around me.
I know the answer,
But not dare to answer them confidently.
Too many todays and tomorrows.
I had experienced the todays
And they passed by swiftly.
All I need is thinking about
the tomorrows of two years and above.
Even today will be yesterday
When the clock strikes twelve.
I shouldn't be my shadow,
In fact,I must be a conductor.
Deciding to choose 'Passion' in reality.
Being a leader is not easy,
This is why I have to start from the beginning.
The first stage is couragement,
The second stage is decision
And determination comes next.
I need to be dare to decide and determine my level
And the stage which I will be heading to.
As I stand on the stage,
Regarding it as my stage to create my stories.
Everyone has every history,
How do I make sense
In the period of 3 minutes?
A touching story,
A good introduction
And an impressive impression.
With that,confidence will decide who I am.
I am looking forward to
my maturity and creativity.
On the stage,
I am not going to stand behind the paper
But I must stand in front of my past.
Care for every today
And bless for a change!:))