Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mother's Hands

When I was a little baby,
She used her hands to carry me,
I always felt comfortable and safe.
Because I knew she was there.

Her hands held me gently,
From the day I took my first breath.
Her hands were so warm.
That made me yawn and fell asleep.

When I was a one-year-old child,
Her hands helped to guide me
As I took my first step,
I was sure  that she would take care of me.

Her hands held me close,
When the tears started to fall.
Her hands were often there to comfort me
When I fell down onto the floor.

Her hands would clap, cheer and praise
When I did well,
Her hands are now aging
Years after years.

Her hands have to help
To nurture this young tree.
I am sure you know who the young tree is,

I have more confidence
To face my future undertakings
under her guidance.

Do you know who is she?
She is my dearest mother,
My mother's hands are perfect
And her love is real.

Her hands create...............
A great and wonderful stories
To tell !

The younger sister of mine!

In 15 March 2001,
A small baby girl was born.
Maybe this was a luck
That God brought her to be
The younger sister of mine!

She has a pair of big eyes,
A head of short black hair,
A little chubby body.
She always has a broad smile
On her face.

Her full name is Jolin Chua Rou Lin.
She is 10 years old now.
She loves romantic things
Because her constellation is

When Jolin was a baby,
My parents always cared for her.
I felt jealous
And kicked her hands.
But, she just smiled at me!

Jolin is humorous,
She likes to joke
With us.
She make us
Happy and cheerful.

She is hard-working.
She loves to play the piano,
And even writing essays!

Although she is a little bit plump,
But she is good in sports.
My friends always laugh at her,
But she just smiles and doesn't care about it,
She will not be self-abased too.

Although she is an expert
In Maths and Science,
She will not be arrogant
Because she knows that
"Pride goes before a fall."

When my family
Comes across the difficulties
She will try her best to overcome the potholes
Because she once said :
"Many hands make light work."

I am proud of Jolin.
She is so kind and helpful.
I really thank that God brought her
To be the younger sister of mine.
Thank you very much!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A cozy bedroom

A black piano at the right corner of the room,
Let me know the mystery of music,
So plesant and so wonderful.
A round fish tank on the desk
Which is next to the piano.
This makes me feel better
When I see fish swimming leisurely
Without any worries.

There are many books
Which are arranged neatly aty the left corner,
I named it "Wisdom of Library".
Two pots of plant
Used to embelish the library.
If you look closer a little bit,
You will see a shiny star glass
In the middle of the books.
When i feel sad or happy,
I will write it down in a piece of paper
And put it into the glass.

At the other side of the room,
Is a small but comfortable bed.
It makes me dream a lot of happy things.
The wall is painted blue in colour
Because the background is "Underwater World".
I have pasted some photos inclusive of
Childhood, family members and places where I visited.
It is so precious and memorable !

That is my secret room
So colourful, so lovely and so wonderful.
Sweet-cozy bedroom is the room's name !