Sunday, 24 March 2013

Out live my life.

Her sweat,
My blood.
Her teeth,
My mouth.
Her brain,
My hair.

The knock,
The slap,
Gave me a spark.
Rainbow,a bridge
Pulled me out.

My eyes turn to the sun,
My nose represents the river,
My mouth is a plant,
My ear produces the cloud.

Be alert of light,
Notice the turns,
Mending the hole,
Music will never end.

I shall prove you wrong!
The rainbow will be inverted,

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What do I think of myself?

The hatred was there,
The brain was surrounded by the evil monster,
The fire was lightened brightly,
Yesterday is always a history.

The river is flowing swiftly,
I have an aim,
My papers are not blank,
Today is continuing.
Now,just cough!

The determination can't be estimated,
I can't describe the color of the questions,
Time will tell,
Tomorrow,a silent date.
Maybe,a brand-new bacteria will survive!