Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pour the water into the jug!

A year that full of colors,
From 2012 to 2013,
They are just numbers,
Just like winter turns into spring,
From cold to warm,
A piece of plain paper 
For us to add some words.

Age is increasing,
Time is running,
As long as our hearts and souls are real!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

New jounery!

Again,expectation increases.
2013,will it be a marvelous year?
It will be as usual as every year
Or even every day.

From that day onwards,
once the engine started,
Head at the front,
Not back.

There is a stage,
Three years strive is covered,
Only the numbers will be seen,
A piece of paper has an untold value.

Relax is allowed,
But,not that long,
Chatting is good,
But,not that superfluous.

Those broken pieces,
Those true promises,
Make it a picture,
And needed my capture.

Go ahead to the tunnel,
A new journey is there
Waiting for me
To discover!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

In the middle of the blue

Making a circle on the sand.
Hugging her baby in her hand.

We avoid the castle from falling.
She avoid her baby from crying.

What next?
What nest?

The mischievous waves come.
The evil robbers come.

The castle is destroyed next.
The baby is snatched from her 'nest'.

Ps: Nowadays,most of them care about their money.The robber snatches the baby to sell.Money will surely comes.But,yet,the baby and her mum have lost a thing.That is kinship,they can't buy it with money.The robber is the only one who is happy,but,he makes the two of them sad and pain.

Due to our selfishness,the earth falls sick.we build the castle together wholeheartedly.But,yet,it has been destroyed.That is the waves.They are there to protest and protect themselves.As,

Friday, 30 November 2012

Press the piano!

Eluded million shapes,
The presence of master,
Stackable of interlooking,
Discovering the eagle,
Ruling the whole heart,
Eventually,sounded million colors!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town

In a warm room,
Setting my red socks,
The smallest for my little sister,
There are eyes staring at us,
Turning off the lights,
Closing our eyes,
Someone will enter and fill up the socks,
The doubt is
Are they able to get in with the door locked ?

In day but not night,
Throwing our books far away,
They are absolute boring,
The cubes are wrapped with papers,
Numbers are registered,
After picking up a number,
Something will belong to us,
We will be surprisingly humble,
If our presents aren't right !

The kind, comfortable bear,
Hugging me with hands,
The Christmas Carols disappear,
A " Good Night " is just perfect,
Standing on top of the tree,
Receiving an amazing gift,
Shouting out ' Merry Christmas!'
The jealous bear will kick me
Down to the floor !?

Monday, 26 November 2012

A lonely night

She had gold,
She had smile,
She had friends,

She took it s granted,
Money seemed necessary,

She lost he gold,
She lost her smile,
She lost her friends.

BANKRUPTCY gives her a lonely night! 

Spending my Coming holidays?

Ameliorate my languages,
Aidanced by my tutors,
Afeard of success must cancel,
Alacrity to accept failure.

Back to holidays,
Baptism of fire has paused,
Being myself in the
Best condition.

Caring for cousins,
Contact with friends,
Carry my packs in the
Coming holidays.

Drop the tension,
Doing some preparation for
Dividing my money to the
Dear dentist.

Equalize the time,
Every exhortation must be memorized,
Expectations of 2013
Eight A's in PMR examination!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Just...just remember

A few centimeters,
He was just in front of me,
Wanted to greet him,
But,I failed totally.

Irritation came to me,
Because of him.
Golden opportunity was just there,
But,I couldn't grab it.

Recalling back to the scene
Again and again.
Wishing that the time had paused
For just a seconds.

I was just timid
And incapable.
Just wondering
when the time just passed.

Just give me a if,
But,'if' couldn't appear.
Maybe just appear
In my sweet dream .

PS:He was the only one
     Who respect me as a monitor.
     He was there to gain my confident.
     I couldn't expect myself in his memories.
     At least,REMEMBER him is just my gratitude for him! 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Short stories:The most amazing event happened to my friend.

Her age is similar to my mum,

But I called her 'friend'.

She received his flowers,love letters and tickets.

The sweetly pure happiness in their Home Sweet Home.

Yet,they ended up in divorce.

She was externally rejoiced and celebrated with wines.

I know she enjoyed her role in the drama!

A musical instrument that catches my nerves.

Alacritous cadence out from the rectangles,
From afeard to passion,
Against all expectations,
The ending was so astonishing,
Audiences fell into the 'clutch of melodies',
Because Beethoven and Mozart are exceeding charming!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Yellowish Eggie!

Yellow in our naked eyes,
Who know the food inside the eggs.
Food is just like people.
Mostly,they judge the food by their eyes.
Taste it instead of looking at it.
In the eggs,corn and white carrot camouflaged themselves.
Man do so,some characteristic is covered too...

Egg.      =  yellow
Yellow. = sun
Sun.       = bright
An egg can make our future bright!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

An imperfect me!

An endless feeling
flowed from my orifice
into my heart.

The first grab of bitterground,
the time that I used to strive
but,ending up with a fall.
Indeed,it is bitter.

My favorite Sour,
it became a sharp needle.
Because of jelousy,
I lost my friendship.

Adding salt to the story,
due to the vivid touch,
her tears stopped raining,
That's my white lies.

It's time for desserts,
finally,behind the storms,
there is a colorful rainbow .
The beautify makes me smile.

Eat to sustain life,
life is like eating,
different tastes in life.
Everyone is just different.

But,everyone is a director,
An imperfect me,
Trying to change myself
Into 'In' PERFECT!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Don't ever take my dream away!

Hold tight to dream
But if it dies
Another shall shine.

Believing that a dream ends,another will surely come.
Indeed they don't really have an expired date,
It depends on every heart and soul.

Words are like swords,
She takes every chance,
But,I drop every fear.

Remain my dreams,
I am not trying to find a perfect dream,
At least,I am improving on an imperfect dream.

She hurts my dreaming heart,
But,no one makes a lock without a key,
That's why God won't give a problem without solution.

Never lose dreams,yet they are still unseen,
As they will come true
If the strength and faith gains.

Never ever give up,
And 'Don't ever take my dream away!'
That's what I should say to myself!

Monday, 15 October 2012

(If) When I am old and sick...

The mooncake festival,
Mooncake and lantern,
Candle will melt and end with a big full stop,
That's once a blue moon in life.

Chinese New Year,
The reddish fireworks will appear,
Suffering from death and my body will smash,
What a pity!


The spring with black and white,
Never mind,my truly,lovely piano
Create a romantic song for me,
Starting to love life.

The warm hug and care
Under the hot sun,
Giving my 'love token' to my beloved parents,
In the comfortable summer.

What a fine Autumn,
Although the leaves fall,
I am still an optimist
In the color of yellowish orange.

The winter comes,
The snowballs I had thrown,
Should apologize to them,
My eyes finally close.


PS: From the day we born,died will become our follower.Maybe,we can't guess when it happened,but at least,we have a precious chance when we are still alive.Everyone come to this world with dreams and wishes,'possible' is a great gift for everyone.God Bless!

Fantastic four


The eyes closed,
When the sun shone,
Because of the darkest lies,
Gave me a sleepless night.


The harms,the thorns are yet survive,
I shall prove you,
The welcoming morning
Is behind the dull night.
Get out of the tunnels of hatred,
Mind you!?


'Impossibility' is only found in the dictionary of fools
While the knowledge comes from the wise men,
Close your mouth behind the spooky door.
I shall strive and prove that you are absolutely wrong!


Oh,it is a wonderful day,
I meet English,
I feel the seven colors
As I am still alive!

PS:Although there are many feelings in life,but yet,in the end,HAPPY will come to you!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Behind the Door

Many mystery in life,
Complicated and easy,
We can't tell.

There are still many steps to go,
Our life are dramatic,
We own a perfect,main actress in life,
But,no one tell.

Behind the door,
Maybe bad or good,
Impossible or possible,
They are future and past.

Our future will be bright
When we have strong determination to fight,
Our future will be dark
When someone hurt us at the blind spot.

behind the door,
We discover the history
And mystery
That nobody know.

Once we exit,
Nothing left except freedom,
We are free to fly,
Get rid of the marvelous dream.

What is behind the spooky,unique door?
That is...
When things go wrong,
You mustn't quit!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Tears of sun

Sky covered in darkness,
Sun hid behind the clouds,
It was rainy and stormy,
I truly believed the raindrops were my tears.

I hated them(my parents) before,
Why I couldn't just remain at my sweetly home,
And yet,I am right in a place called MALAYSIA.
The place where I disliked,

I shall thank them for giving me a great chance,
I met some wonderful teachers
who give me such a great confident,
Led me to the mystery of blogging world.

At first,grieve came silently.
My blog which have a few of followers
Made me lost my own confident totally,
But,today I am shocked because...
I never ever think of my blog's followers will increase in a day.
Thanks a lot!

Hiding behind the wall,
An unknown person,
Tears kept rolling,
But nobody know it,
Sharing my deep sorrows lonely,
Today,the tears drop again,
Finally,I had discovered the tears of sun.
The rain is just a pessimist
While the sun is a optimist.
I love the TEARS OF SUN.

PS:  If you look at the picture at the right,there is a sun inside the eye.So,my lovely friends and followers,remember that there will always a sun in our true eyes.Everything is possible and perfect.Please be an optimist to despire your own life.Let us make life to the fullest! Bon voyage and strive!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Shining star at night


What for they wondering?
What for they waiting?
To be the shining star at night?
The world,the people,
See through naked eyes instead of hearts,
They again,
Just help out soundlessly.
When they are popular
With shining star potential,
Somebody will find them,
Through peeing or catching photos,
Who that?
That is the question
And the answer!

the broken promises

"Love frees you from weight and pain,"
he said to her with a strong promise.
Cross the path without any marks,
Look with the mind,not eyes,
Track her down like a cruise missile,

Absence in love,
Fire extinguished,
Water sucked up,
And left the pain behind!
Forgive the promises?


The heart makes her rich,
The money makes him rich,
She is wealthy,
But he is not.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Worth the wait

No taste or colorless,
We never live without expectation,
a merely SMALL but worth dream
just like those poor people
they dream to enjoy a meal,
A meal worth a life.
Their expectation are small but UNIQUE.

Sometimes,time is slow when we do nothing
But wait.
So,do to wait and wait to do.
Truly,wait is exhausting,
but,there are still a rainbow or sunshine behind,
Hard work pays off.
Actually,we are still breathing,we are still success.

Overall,don't tell yourself you can't instead of you can.
Dreams and wishes are around the corner
When you find it worth to wait.
Nothing is impossible
because God will bless you and...
reply your mystery WAIT.

To wait,
To success,
Wait is worth,
Worth the wait! ( Bon voyage)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

God,please hear my prayers

when I was beset with trouble,
I couldn't face the world,
You were there all the time
shedding away my tears.

When my mind got cracked,
I couldn't control my emotion,
The word 'please' sang into your ears.
Then,I will be safe.

I needed strength and wisdom,
Please hear my prayers,
And,of course the others.

I know I am still your child in yours eyes,
But,I will grow up soon.
Thanks for standing by my side.
Nobody will hear my prayers except you.

So then,please hear them till my last breathe I took!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Optical illsion

Yesterday,I saw a picture accidentally.
I am sure you know what I mean.
Bingo,I am mentioning about Optical illusion.
Look at the picture that located at the right.
Obviously,you will find the answers there.
1)just merely a scenery
2)a beautiful woman 's face
Discovering it right.

Actually,it just a picture.
But,it lets me think about:

A man with one heart,
but several of characteristics,
someone will hide theirs bad
and showing off theirs good generously.
Just like a man with two faces.
Unbelievable has came.
But,sometimes,it is better that knowing the good rather than bad.
So,hatred will reduce and love will grant.
When the whole things come to light,
Love is totally minus and hatred plus.
That's the deep meaning that I have just discover
From the word of optical illusion.
So,open your window to look at the good
Instead of the bad!