Thursday, 1 November 2012

An imperfect me!

An endless feeling
flowed from my orifice
into my heart.

The first grab of bitterground,
the time that I used to strive
but,ending up with a fall.
Indeed,it is bitter.

My favorite Sour,
it became a sharp needle.
Because of jelousy,
I lost my friendship.

Adding salt to the story,
due to the vivid touch,
her tears stopped raining,
That's my white lies.

It's time for desserts,
finally,behind the storms,
there is a colorful rainbow .
The beautify makes me smile.

Eat to sustain life,
life is like eating,
different tastes in life.
Everyone is just different.

But,everyone is a director,
An imperfect me,
Trying to change myself
Into 'In' PERFECT!


  1. Long time no surfing your blog,but I have found that you had improved a lot.Keep up the good work and it is a nice poem :) this age,we are always troubled by these kind of conflicts,friendship and inner core of ourselves.You did a great job for knowing yourselves better but nobody is perfect in this world.What we can do and the only thing we can do is just:"Do our best and you'll taste the seasonings of life!"

  2. I agree with you.

    Tasting the wonderful things is such amusing,fascinating!That s why life still going on and on.

    Looking forward to your post too!All the BEST!(sorry for my late reply.)