Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town

In a warm room,
Setting my red socks,
The smallest for my little sister,
There are eyes staring at us,
Turning off the lights,
Closing our eyes,
Someone will enter and fill up the socks,
The doubt is
Are they able to get in with the door locked ?

In day but not night,
Throwing our books far away,
They are absolute boring,
The cubes are wrapped with papers,
Numbers are registered,
After picking up a number,
Something will belong to us,
We will be surprisingly humble,
If our presents aren't right !

The kind, comfortable bear,
Hugging me with hands,
The Christmas Carols disappear,
A " Good Night " is just perfect,
Standing on top of the tree,
Receiving an amazing gift,
Shouting out ' Merry Christmas!'
The jealous bear will kick me
Down to the floor !?

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