Sunday, 25 November 2012

Just...just remember

A few centimeters,
He was just in front of me,
Wanted to greet him,
But,I failed totally.

Irritation came to me,
Because of him.
Golden opportunity was just there,
But,I couldn't grab it.

Recalling back to the scene
Again and again.
Wishing that the time had paused
For just a seconds.

I was just timid
And incapable.
Just wondering
when the time just passed.

Just give me a if,
But,'if' couldn't appear.
Maybe just appear
In my sweet dream .

PS:He was the only one
     Who respect me as a monitor.
     He was there to gain my confident.
     I couldn't expect myself in his memories.
     At least,REMEMBER him is just my gratitude for him! 

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