Monday, 19 November 2012

Short stories:The most amazing event happened to my friend.

Her age is similar to my mum,

But I called her 'friend'.

She received his flowers,love letters and tickets.

The sweetly pure happiness in their Home Sweet Home.

Yet,they ended up in divorce.

She was externally rejoiced and celebrated with wines.

I know she enjoyed her role in the drama!


  1. What we have seen might not be the reality that lies!
    We are made up of complex nerves and cells, people can we weird and disastrous.
    What a life!

  2. Yup,indeed every heart is untold and unseen.Only the person itself will know it.

    Although making up of complex nerves and cells,but,sometimes,we should take realistic as a easy question to solve.

    Thanks,Mr Yew for your comment!Hoping to enjoy your next post.