Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Don't ever take my dream away!

Hold tight to dream
But if it dies
Another shall shine.

Believing that a dream ends,another will surely come.
Indeed they don't really have an expired date,
It depends on every heart and soul.

Words are like swords,
She takes every chance,
But,I drop every fear.

Remain my dreams,
I am not trying to find a perfect dream,
At least,I am improving on an imperfect dream.

She hurts my dreaming heart,
But,no one makes a lock without a key,
That's why God won't give a problem without solution.

Never lose dreams,yet they are still unseen,
As they will come true
If the strength and faith gains.

Never ever give up,
And 'Don't ever take my dream away!'
That's what I should say to myself!

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