Monday, 1 October 2012

Tears of sun

Sky covered in darkness,
Sun hid behind the clouds,
It was rainy and stormy,
I truly believed the raindrops were my tears.

I hated them(my parents) before,
Why I couldn't just remain at my sweetly home,
And yet,I am right in a place called MALAYSIA.
The place where I disliked,

I shall thank them for giving me a great chance,
I met some wonderful teachers
who give me such a great confident,
Led me to the mystery of blogging world.

At first,grieve came silently.
My blog which have a few of followers
Made me lost my own confident totally,
But,today I am shocked because...
I never ever think of my blog's followers will increase in a day.
Thanks a lot!

Hiding behind the wall,
An unknown person,
Tears kept rolling,
But nobody know it,
Sharing my deep sorrows lonely,
Today,the tears drop again,
Finally,I had discovered the tears of sun.
The rain is just a pessimist
While the sun is a optimist.
I love the TEARS OF SUN.

PS:  If you look at the picture at the right,there is a sun inside the eye.So,my lovely friends and followers,remember that there will always a sun in our true eyes.Everything is possible and perfect.Please be an optimist to despire your own life.Let us make life to the fullest! Bon voyage and strive!