Thursday, 27 December 2012

New jounery!

Again,expectation increases.
2013,will it be a marvelous year?
It will be as usual as every year
Or even every day.

From that day onwards,
once the engine started,
Head at the front,
Not back.

There is a stage,
Three years strive is covered,
Only the numbers will be seen,
A piece of paper has an untold value.

Relax is allowed,
But,not that long,
Chatting is good,
But,not that superfluous.

Those broken pieces,
Those true promises,
Make it a picture,
And needed my capture.

Go ahead to the tunnel,
A new journey is there
Waiting for me
To discover!


  1. “Happy New Year”
    “See you in 2013”
    Hugs ♥♥♥
    ”Camera Eye”&”Photo Haiku”

    1. Happy New Year too!
      Tomorrow is a wonderful day and colorful year.
      Thanks for comment,
      All the best!Love,Joann.

  2. Well said kid:-)
    I could feel the rhythm in the language,
    bringing words to life.
    Unleash your potential,

  3. Mr.Yew,
    Thank for cheering,I get it.
    I will try my best.

    I sure that u are going to carry on ur passion of teaching and life lessons,
    'Strive' a word for u too!

  4. Mr yew:
    Happy New Year too.
    Count down at channel 5/8?!