Thursday, 6 December 2012

In the middle of the blue

Making a circle on the sand.
Hugging her baby in her hand.

We avoid the castle from falling.
She avoid her baby from crying.

What next?
What nest?

The mischievous waves come.
The evil robbers come.

The castle is destroyed next.
The baby is snatched from her 'nest'.

Ps: Nowadays,most of them care about their money.The robber snatches the baby to sell.Money will surely comes.But,yet,the baby and her mum have lost a thing.That is kinship,they can't buy it with money.The robber is the only one who is happy,but,he makes the two of them sad and pain.

Due to our selfishness,the earth falls sick.we build the castle together wholeheartedly.But,yet,it has been destroyed.That is the waves.They are there to protest and protect themselves.As,


  1. Selfishness and jealousy are poisonous,
    They can lead to unimaginable consequences,
    And so it causes disappointment and sadness,
    Leaving those victims left with cruel moments,
    That can haunt their lives longer than forever!

    1. Indeed,you are right.Jealousy and selfishness are really poison,swallow a person,make a dangerous trap and let a person fall in.With good control,it is fine,but,without control,it is dangerous.

  2. So, It is a lesson where we have to learn right?

  3. Obviously,learn it well with a suitable control.