Friday, 14 September 2012

Worth the wait

No taste or colorless,
We never live without expectation,
a merely SMALL but worth dream
just like those poor people
they dream to enjoy a meal,
A meal worth a life.
Their expectation are small but UNIQUE.

Sometimes,time is slow when we do nothing
But wait.
So,do to wait and wait to do.
Truly,wait is exhausting,
but,there are still a rainbow or sunshine behind,
Hard work pays off.
Actually,we are still breathing,we are still success.

Overall,don't tell yourself you can't instead of you can.
Dreams and wishes are around the corner
When you find it worth to wait.
Nothing is impossible
because God will bless you and...
reply your mystery WAIT.

To wait,
To success,
Wait is worth,
Worth the wait! ( Bon voyage)

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