Sunday, 24 July 2011

The younger sister of mine!

In 15 March 2001,
A small baby girl was born.
Maybe this was a luck
That God brought her to be
The younger sister of mine!

She has a pair of big eyes,
A head of short black hair,
A little chubby body.
She always has a broad smile
On her face.

Her full name is Jolin Chua Rou Lin.
She is 10 years old now.
She loves romantic things
Because her constellation is

When Jolin was a baby,
My parents always cared for her.
I felt jealous
And kicked her hands.
But, she just smiled at me!

Jolin is humorous,
She likes to joke
With us.
She make us
Happy and cheerful.

She is hard-working.
She loves to play the piano,
And even writing essays!

Although she is a little bit plump,
But she is good in sports.
My friends always laugh at her,
But she just smiles and doesn't care about it,
She will not be self-abased too.

Although she is an expert
In Maths and Science,
She will not be arrogant
Because she knows that
"Pride goes before a fall."

When my family
Comes across the difficulties
She will try her best to overcome the potholes
Because she once said :
"Many hands make light work."

I am proud of Jolin.
She is so kind and helpful.
I really thank that God brought her
To be the younger sister of mine.
Thank you very much!

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