Saturday, 23 July 2011

A cozy bedroom

A black piano at the right corner of the room,
Let me know the mystery of music,
So plesant and so wonderful.
A round fish tank on the desk
Which is next to the piano.
This makes me feel better
When I see fish swimming leisurely
Without any worries.

There are many books
Which are arranged neatly aty the left corner,
I named it "Wisdom of Library".
Two pots of plant
Used to embelish the library.
If you look closer a little bit,
You will see a shiny star glass
In the middle of the books.
When i feel sad or happy,
I will write it down in a piece of paper
And put it into the glass.

At the other side of the room,
Is a small but comfortable bed.
It makes me dream a lot of happy things.
The wall is painted blue in colour
Because the background is "Underwater World".
I have pasted some photos inclusive of
Childhood, family members and places where I visited.
It is so precious and memorable !

That is my secret room
So colourful, so lovely and so wonderful.
Sweet-cozy bedroom is the room's name !

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