Friday, 26 July 2013

An untold story

Do not believe in love simply because you have felt it.
Do not believe in anything merely on the biography
because it is spoken and rumored by many.
Do not believe in sincerity simply because it may be 
a fake mask or a faker.

  If a man does not keep his drum with drum stick,perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.From vanilla favourite to a blueberry flavor.He was sailing in a rudderless ship and a first rock knocked on his ship.She believed love at first sight,even love is unknown,but she prefered to turn herself blind.She walked on the balcony and someone caught her eyes.Down to a first appealing runner.The runner ran swiftly to be the champion.Besides that,he had been the champion in her heart."Trust yourself,then you will know how to live."A familiar sound from heart.His profession was her music of paradise.Their cheers as if the music sang into her soul and made her over the moon.

Whenever she goes,
She will go with her heart.

  Coming close...she prayed for an attention.To be closer and closer until a "BUMP" appeared.What an unlucky incident!Just a word of "Sorry" produced several stars and blanken her mind.Attention came but she left.All appears to change,we change.She changed to be that perfect.Long hair became short.She grabbed a long distance run.Yet,succeeded to be the second.Teachers spoke and questioned,she nodded and answered.What on earth was she doing?He was shocked and worried about seeing her spending her time to do everything.

If a man wants to know the taste of sea water,
he will set off.
If he keeps going,he will surely come to the sea.

  The music of 'Turkish March' by W.A.Mozart started to reflect her hypertension and excessive stress.The tension dissapeared when she was slowing down.the door opened.He arrived at destination to cure her sickness.He,a mender who mixed the black keys and white keys together."It is never too late to mend."the sound appeared again.Now,it was 'Sweet bye and bye' by Walter c.Stier with two pairs of hand.Gently knocked the piano in unbelievable spaces.

But,after observation and analysis,
she will find that anything agrees with reason,
Accept it and live it up her smile.

  I don't know the duration of my thunderstorm and lightning.Once,I just hid myself in a shelter.As we all know,a plant gets nourishment from the soil.I recall,we made a promise,the most faithful thing in the world.Luckily,it was not in black and white.A face without smile had educated me.There was no death,there was the shadow of our feelings.Life can only be understood after stumble and fall.

Let bygones be bygones.
Meet my future,
I am glad to greet the sun every day.

  The blue dolphin of yours,I can't tear it,no feelings of unbearable,just wish it is fine.As for me,I had locked the blue dolphin in a pyramid.It is in my blue box now or maybe future.I promised to be.No fault and hatred.Awake my soul!

Self and spirit...
Awake my soul!

  I will be cautious to avoid myself from falling down to the phrase of 'Love at first sight'.I love and hate the word 'Love'.Love is not consolation,it is my light.What is my refulgence? "Trust yourself,then you will know how to live."I know her sound,the only season in my HEART!Now,I have told the supposedly untold story to you,and I have unleashed those little secrets once hidden in my soul.And you,I am blooming with new hope and new life.

~an untold story of mine~written by Joann Rou En:))

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