Monday, 3 October 2011

Sour plum

A smooth skin,
A single hard stone,
A small-medium-sized
Round or oval fruit
Called sour plum.

Fiona is my friend.
She loved to eat
Sour plum
Because she loved

Beryl and Jocelyn
Were best friends.
They were inseparable
As body and shadow.
Among them,
Jocelyn was
Top in studies
And piano.

They often revised
Their work together.
During weekends,
They visited their
Clandestine Place.
It's so beautiful 
That they named ther 

Years passed,
Second keeps on running 
Without taking a rest.
She went to ''Paradise''
With me.
Eye drops fell from her eyes when...

Last year,
Jocelyn,Beryl and Fiona
Promised to go to 
''Paradise'' together.
Fiona was late.
She rushed to the destination.
When she was crossing the road,
Jocelyn pushed her.
Fiona fell onto the road.

A loud sound came 
From back.
Fiona saw Jocelyn lying
On the ground.
Her blood...
She had passed away.

From that day onwards,
Beryl hated Fiona
Very much.
Although I consoled her,
But she still felt 
Her feelings was
As sour as a
Sour plum.
She dared not 


  1. this a fact?

    If yes,sad to hear that><

    We really can't estimate what will happen on the next second,the only thing we can do is manage our lifetime wisely.=)

  2. It happen on my friend.

    Sometimes,friendship couldn't be forever.=/\=