Thursday, 7 June 2012

Time passes swiftly again,
holiday is going to end again,
indeed,their are many holiday in school life,
but when the precious holi ends,
can't return again.
Actually, the days still go on,
normal and just normal,
Yup,maybe holi can relax,
different holi with variety feelings,
Just a word~unbearable.

Holi is not the significant things in my life,
Yup,maybe holi gives my a wonderful chance to meet my old friends,
But,tuition classes are still continuing,
Why?Cause my tuition teachers are extremely hardworking.
The most touchful things is my Malay tuition,
Whenever I go there,
At the end of tuition,
the teacher will always say"Don't give up! "
Indeed,my Malay is the worst among those language,
Again,despite the darkness,the sun will shine.
After holi the buses will keep on appearing in my naked eyes,
Although exhausted,but I have more chances to stay with my family,
The guy that I dislike,
Helped me a lot!
Cherish my kinship
and strive in studies.
Those are the job I doing now!

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