Monday, 18 June 2012

Mystery trouble

I want to make this post untitled again
but,troubling is more suitable.
Am I really wrong,
I just need to make wish come true,
I heard that someone said:
"Don't say I wish,say I will!"
Just a simple quotes attracted my.
Amazing,awesome indeed.
But,my feelings are not wonderful now.
I want to  choose my future
And education.
Just like squeezing a lemon,
nope,it is very complicated.
Maybe,only maybe
wishing to study at Singapore International school.
My past,the best environment.

After a long thinking,
thinking twice and twice,
I shoud stop.
There is a difficult job,
Yup,this excuse stop my thought and started to do
I want to find a person,
a real person without Hypocritical,
missing her endlesssly,
I decided to halt my wish,
to decover the other hope.
So,staying at Malaysia
'till I find her,
I will go back to Singapore again!

The secret #1!


  1. Hi kid, perhaps you Have not yet found the reason of setting foot here. Anyway, it is cool to have dreams and dare to dream. Going back or not going back,personally i think what you feel right now is the most important as it determines whether or not you feel happy:-)

  2. Ya,sometimes i feel really unhappy.But,as a Malaysian,I will learn Malay till SPM is really over.If I accidentally love against the language,then I will stay.Although Malaysia is not really beloved by me,but I will remain as a Malaysian too.....I will despite THE SECRET #1 TILL THE END!
    ~Mr.Yew,thanks for your comment!

  3. Hmm... Good:-) Welcome kid!

  4. cool!~
    Make ur dream come true at once.
    For me,as a malaysian ,sometimes im wondering,what is the utmost reason for me to learn the language that unseful?
    I have no choice and what i have to do is just go ahead.
    My dream is to study oversea although merely for a year or month.
    As what u have mentioned,don't say i wish,say i will.
    A goal without a plan is just wish.

    sry for my poor grammar :)

  5. Never mind,really thanks for your comment.Actually,your grammar is better than mine.
    At first,I was going to give up the dream but,after thinking,I felt it unbearable.
    Maybe,this is the meaningful of life.Life is always mystery!

    Lastly,all the best to you.I sincerely hope your wishes come true.Maybe,not now,but definitely future!Strive again! XD