Thursday, 3 November 2011

Why English is important?

  English is really important in our daily life.I know someone use Chinese or Malay to communicate in Malaysia.Actually,learning English will give us lot of benefits.

  Why does English become important in our life?There are many reasons.The most significant is for the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.Scientist also use the language of  English to investigate scientific investigation.

  Furthermore,English is the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE.We use English to communicate with Malay,Korean,Japanese and even American.Indeed,most American use English because English is their mother tongue.

  So, friends,please don't give up English!Just let English to be a part of our body.If you say you can do it,you will surely do it;if you say you can't,you will not Forever.

  A teacher told me that life is just like a stage.If you have confident to stand on the stage to present your speech or whatever in English,one day you will success and improve your pronunciation of English!All the best...

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