Saturday, 3 December 2011

Back to December

Last year in December,
I went shopping,sharing jokes
With my fellow friends,
The laughs,sounds and a cake designed by us.
That so memorable!True memory!

I back to December again.
All feelings in the whole year had been collected.
This year,my life is totally changed.
Remember I took the first step,
Entered an unfamiliar school.
I had entered different schools before,
Met different friends and teachers,
Saw many kinds of cases in school.
But,this time,
It changed totally without any similarity,
Because it my secondary life.
A new life just like a flower blooms.
All I can do is let myself adapt.

Some new friends are selfish,share nothing,
Become arrogant in their studies.
There was an incident happened.
A student shouted:"I haven't revise my homework.
I can't do those question in exam.So difficult!"
Yet,the result out,
The student got flying color in all subject.
Funny right?
The situation told me that student is acting modest.

There are many Malay teachers in school.
Some are strict,some are kind,
But,some never enter the class.
I am not saying my school bad.
Actually,I am proud to be a student,
A part of family member in my school.
After communicating,
I felt that they are actually helpful.
I made a wish:I will learn well in Malay.

The awesome thing is...
Tuitions,I can't avoid.
Those teachers,
Of course,they are well in the subject they in-charged of.
I had learned that a teacher is not only expert in teaching,
They must good in telling their students how to be a successful person
And talk about philosophy and ethics.
I hated to hear them,
But,time passed,
They seemed to be music to my ears.
They let me knew a lot of things.
From childish to mature.
My tuition teachers are great in talking them.
I am fortunate,lucky.
If I didn't know those ethics,
How I am?I can't imagine.

My age will change.
Next year will add one,
Just like Mathematics.
My brain need to save many subjects.
The older I am,the larger the "marble" in my brain.
I must remember that
Wisdom come before knowledge.

A great season,
A lively festival,
A better feeling,
A mystery future,
A good constellation,
A cold winter,
A cute snowman,
A cool month,
Just in time to said:
"Back to December!"
Just three words,
Make me regret,happy and uncountable feeling!
I was back to December!


  1. Recap things done and not done
    in 2011 and we are to be better
    than the previous year and so
    we are progressive and progressing:-)

  2. Yup,looking forward to 2012,
    going to make the other year more meaningful.
    Wishes will come true one day in future
    or maybe next year.
    Memories in previous year hid it in a secret place,
    and invent more valuable memories in
    Next year!