Friday, 16 December 2011

Happy Paradise

Playing bowling,
Games in X-zone.
It seems common things
That everybody could do it everywhere.
I went out with my friends,
The best friends I ever have,
In my adopted land,
In a specific time,
Freedom surrounded me.
We enjoyed ourselves at that moment.

I left that land a long time ago,
Turned back,
It seems five years passed.
Those years,
I live in an unfamiliar place,
Adapted the strange environment.
But,I told myself
I will not stayed here in future!

I went back to the land a week ago
Somethings changed.
But,lucky that my fellow friends
Still there.
We went fishing prawns,
Boys VS girls.
Yet, they won.
Later,we went to a nearby playground.
Caught each others in the evening.
We are just as naive as children.
Maybe that were the last time to be
Everyone are going to be mature.

Those memorable memories
I kept them in my heart.
No value and cost.
Chance to meet them,
I wish hard!
I handed over to my fate
And beloved God.
Maybe just pray!

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