Wednesday, 28 December 2011


It had been quite a few months
For me to go blogging.
Sharing my memories,
Feelings and experiences.
I feel great,wonderful.
Blog lets me relieve.
Indeed,I believe that I had written
Many grammar mistakes in blog.
But,at least
I could speak those words silently.
Maybe I love to pour out my feelings
In the method of writing/typing.
A title mean a story.
Create my own moment.
Blog gives me many benefits
Such as my typing improve gradually.
I sincerely thanks all the readers/followers
In my blog.
Thanks to visit it
And give comment on it.
I appreciate!
Thank you!:D


  1. Ya,you're right=)

    Blogging lets us express out our mind,record down our feelings and one day when we recall back,it is wonderful memories.

    Keep blogging ya,gambateh!:D

  2. Ths for ur comment.
    Blog really make me feel relieved.
    U to,strive together!