Sunday, 12 February 2012

My secondary life.

  Exam again and let me feel irritating.After exam,some surprises come.But,sometimes might not be surprise.I really wish to finish my secondary school as soon as possible.Then,I feel relax.I am not saying secondary is not good,it's just complicated and busy lush.I still keep going because I couldn't get back to childhood.Those precious memories are still in mind.But,secondary,I will still looking forward.Secondary life is quite busy but challenging.
   Yup,I live in BP now with friends.I love weekend because I can really go back home.Family and home extremely best.When weekday,I just go to school,back BP home,doing homework.Those things repeat and repeat just like Present Continuous Tense.Boring right but meaningful.I will definitely miss my mum and dad.Secondary life really trains me to be independent,cherish my lovely kinship.My beloved parents are just Noble.Mum,dad,I promise to make my mark flying color.I will strive hard!Please,don't worry about me.I sincerely thanks! 

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  1. love ur writing :)
    Actually secondary school can be that wonderful,for me, i prefer secondary school than in primary.
    ya,secondary is quite challenging.Just take this opportunity as a change for u to grow and go ahead.
    Be a sanguine teenager but not children and full fill what u have dreamed for.Do take every changes and challenges that ll help you to grow.If success,congrat.If no,stand up and strive foward!The most powerful person is who still can get up even when he cnt.
    lead ur life meaningfully and no regret~